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Things are what you make of them.

Ive been terrible at keeping up with my online activities, the problem with me is I try to stay focused in the real world as much as I possibly can. Mainly because I get distracted easily and I have been trying to stay completely focused on my personal, work projects, and aspirations.

Also the state of the world is constantly alarming to me, for instance just American politics right now ( and honestly always) is terrifying. I have to say that the fact Donald Trump is the frontrunner for the republican party is just sad and horrendous. 

We all have our opinions about things and can agree to disagree, my option is this man cares only and forever solely about himself, he is spiteful and dishonest and will ruin this country. 

Despite all of our flaws and clashes I love America you might not believe it but I am extremely patriotic and also very bipartisan. And saying that, I always hope for the best but expect the worst.

Anyway, kind of pointless to talk about now. I guess we will see what happens. However It seems like its going to be a rough summer of social unrest.

On to work news, I have been just spending every moment I am not at home here in my studio trying to finish a body of work that I can share with you. This month Is CatCon and I will have a booth showcasing all the cat inspired artwork etc I have been creating the past few months.

I hate holding things under my hat but prefer to share finished idea rather than WIP’s.

Everything should come together in the next few weeks! 

Thank you whoever reads my rants and blogs and supports me as an artist and designer. Without you I would not be able to do what I do and for that I am grateful daily.

I hope things are bright in all your worlds.

With undying love and affection.


Me in my studio 5/31/16

Me in my studio 5/31/16

A brief history & Please Vote for my Shop!


I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and knew exactly two people here. The transition from Northern ,Ca to Southern,Ca was extremely hard for me.

So,I found two places I loved the most and would visit each as much as possible. These places made me feel a little less lost in my new city. One was the Getty museum and the other the garment/fabric district  Downtown Los Angeles.

I started my business DTLA in 2004 in a tiny office I think 150 Square feet , rented one industrial machine and sewed on two home machines all my orders in my tiny office. As I started to become busier I moved in the building I was in twice.

Finally to a 700 square foot space, five industrial sewing machines later I spent several years working in this space.

At the time nobody really lived downtown and my studio was adjacent to skid row so when 5:30 pm hit and Downtown was suddenly was a ghost town if I wanted to work past 6pm my only safe option was to stay the whole night working. Im going to preface that at that time it was NOT safe to be in my neighborhood after dark.

 I had keys to the building and in exchange for 24hr access I opened and closed the building everyday.

I probably spent at least three months time over nights at my studio. But being driven by my undying burning desire to create and produce I did not care. I was living in West Hollywood at the time and and with traffic, even though it was a door to door 12 minute drive without (timed it on a Christmas day) it would take me an hour or more each way sometimes to get to and from my apartment.

I felt like waisting somedays three hours of my precious time each day was unacceptable, so decided to leave my cute little rent controlled West Hollywood apartment for any place Downtown.

I found the perfect place blocks from my studio and have lived there for the last nine years.

I moved from my little studio on 9th street in 2006 to 1031 S Broadway. I loved everything about the space and building except for the hours. I like to finish projects, even if I’m working 18 hours. So after six years a space opened up on the ground floor of the building. 1041 S Broadway Los Angeles CA 90015

Not just any space but literally my dream come true space. It was big enough for me to sew, silkscreen and do photography, as well as have a Retail boutique in the front.

It took me a while to save and plan and build out the storefront. For instance I searched the entire country for vintage scallop and point  molding with success and planed and made every bit of the store one step at a time. 

I love it here ,I spend most of my time here. And I have spent many nights here as well.

I feel great pride in the fact I was able to build something that to me is so beautiful just out of my mind and allot of hard work.

I started the beginnings of Jessica Louise in my kitchen in 2002 with $300 and suffered like any artist does working long hours and weird jobs to create my own world.

I have no professional training in fashion, so just want to say If you want to do anything creative you can learn it and excel with hard work and perseverance.

The whole point of this story is In general I am not a very competitive person, however my Shop was nominated for Best Womenswear Boutique Downtown Los Angeles and I actually really want to win. For a variety of reasons. 

Mainly because I feel like my space really is the best and most unique Womenswear Boutique DTLA.

I am unique in my own right. I design, do most patterning, grading, sew, source, silkscreen, photograph , etc,ect,everything myself .

My shop is full of things I made right behind it in my studio.

SO Vote for me!, and if you haven’t been to my shop please come in and check it out.

Please read rules below, please only Vote once. Each IP address is unique. Also you can win prizes!!

There are so many of my favorite business nominated.

Thanks for listening.


Heres a past blog with virtual tour and images JESSICA LOUISE SHOP TOUR



Win a weekend on the town! Fill out at least 30 categories of the ballot and your e-mail address will be automatically entered in our drawing.* The grand prize winner will receive a complimentary two-night stay at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel that includes dinner for two at Noe, $200 spending cash, and dinner for two at Morton’s The Steakhouse. It’s a great package, if we do say so ourselves.

Additional prizes: iPad Mini, cash prizes, gift certificates and more!

Step One:

After reading this page, click on the link below.

Step Two:

Read some more about our rules, how to navigate pages and how to win a prize.

Step Three:

Enter your full name and e-mail address. No valid e-mail… no prize!

Step Four:

Choose a category, then choose your favorite and vote. At least 30 categories must be filled in to be entered to win.

Step Five:

At the bottom of each category is a button that will take you back to the category page. Remember, you are not required to answer all of the questions but you need at least 30 to qualify for a prize.

Step Six:

Submit your ballot.

Voting is limited to one on-line vote per person. IP addresses are logged and duplicates are filtered out. Voting is open from May 9 through May 31, 2016. The winners in each category will be announced in the July 25, 2016 issue of Downtown News. Any inappropriate submissions will invalidate your entire ballot. Ballot-stuffing will not be tolerated. Believe us, we can tell, (You don’t want to see your name or business in an item titled: “Best attempt to steal an election.”) Submissions become the property of Downtown News.

Your privacy is very important to us. We would like to send you the latest news and information about Downtown. Your email address will not be shared, and you are free to opt out at any time.

*Winners will be announced in the July 25, 2016 issue of Downtown News.

Time to begin voting!

Oh and if you live DTLA ill be the one wearing the sequin cat hat campaigning.

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The Grass is never greener

Its one of those things we are all guilty of. If I only this or that. If you won the lottery your life would be full of new unforeseen consequences. 

In one respect we all do fantasize about what our lives could and would be like in different circumstances, what ever your cup of tea may be. Its really different for each one of us.

In another: what we dream in our minds about our circumstances in most cases, life would not be better. 

Now I am talking about the” only if I had a bigger car, boobs, so and so’s boyfriend girlfriend blah blah blah superficial nonsense . Not “if I only could eat three meals a day scenario”.

I feel like most of the grass is greener set are focusing on things that will not enhance or make their lives better. They just for some reason think more material things or relationships will make them happier and a better person.

When in reality hard work observation and due diligence are a few of the multitude of actions we can do in our daily lives to make our own grass the greenest grass of all.

Happy Monday everyone have a wonderful week.

Oh and here is one of my favorite artists since I was 13. Vali Meyers.


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays which ever you prefer.

Jessica Louise Christmas 1977

Jessica Louise Christmas 1977

I remember Christmas time so fondly as a little girl, even though we did not have allot I feel like I was always pretty happy. Well looked after and loved.

Most of my early Christmases were spent at my beloved godparents house in the Santa Cruz mountains. A few others with family in New Jersey. 

The very best part to me was (besides getting new toys or clothing obviously) the decorations and general christmas spirit feeling.

Those many years in Santa Cruz sharing food and stories and life in general permeated through me.

Forever those days are in my mind.

My love of Christmas in the real solid life, love and sharing aspect will always be my understanding of this holiday.

The whole commercial aspect I never quite understood completely. I mean, I understand it after working retail and running my own retail based business for the great majority of my youth to mature adult life.

However the waiting hours in line the day of thanksgiving to buy less expensive objects instead of spending time enjoying a day off with friends, family, or even on your own baffles me.

I suppose I have lost so many people I have deep love for these past few years including my godfather, that the greatest gift of all to me personally is enjoying time with loved ones.

I will take a visit with an old friend over a gift anyday and twice on Sunday.

Anyhow I suppose the whole purpose of me writing this Is to express my appreciation for all I have and the people who sail in and out of my life, like so many ships on the seven seas. 

I have great friendships and extended family, family and a wonderful husband to share my life with and that is really all I need.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, I want to say thank you for following and supporting me as a designer and artist that is also Is such a great gift.

Also Happy Holidays,Prosperous and hopeful New Year, Bon Annee.

I hope you take some time to visit and love and be loved by the people who mean the most to you.




Every Moment is a small gift.

In the past two months two people who I love dearly and who are close friends in my life have lost people they love to tragic accidents.
I feel like we all forget to appreciate life and the tiny things that make each day special.
The perfect sunset or loveliest breeze we miss because of distraction to our social media accounts or thoughts, fixated on trivial nonsense.
I myself am guilty of this terrible waste to my precious moments and fleeting time I have left on our beautiful planet.
I strive to remind myself daily the cost of distraction and to concentrate on moving forward in only positive directions, be creative and mindful of others even if they are not mindful of me.

Let us all try to not waste our time and moments and be as happy as we possibly can while we are here.
Have the most amazing day you can,I hope you can take the time to throughly enjoy something you love even if its just for ten minutes.
All my regards.