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Working on New Site STILL

I have not been blogging here because I am in the middle of a whole new site build out. The new format will have many features this site does not. SO, I have been working on it but most likely will not be finished until December. However did finish my new online store and am so happy with that, still adding tweaks and features though.

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Thanks so much.

Lots of Love,

xo JL

New Sites coming soon!

I haven’t really been posting here because Ive been busy migrating my site to another platform and working on building that, as well as a new e commerce platform with so many features that are lacking on my current one.

Please let me know if there is anything you want to see in the online shop, feature wise.

Okay back to work. Honestly online shop will be finished first since its exponentially less complicated.

xo J

Painted Cats Collection & 15% Off Code

Painted Cats Collection & 15% Off Code

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