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Skyy Vodka Project

I had the great pleasure of designing and producing women’s event staff uniforms for Skyy Vodka recently. Well ,actually the design process started around Thanksgiving of 2015 and just ended two weeks ago. It was a long process but I am very happy with the result and so was the client. Which basically is always the most important part of any job.

So if you are at any Skyy event this summer those are my dresses 🙂

Wrap dresses with embroidery and powder coated headbands to match.

I love doing freelance projects.

blogskyy3  blogskyy1 SkyyVodka_DogwoodFest_AMB4077 SkyyVodka_DogwoodFest_AMB4224

Espolon Tequila : Tiny Matador Project

Every once in a while I get hired to do a really fun project where I get total creative freedom. I guess with most artists and designers, if you give us a list of idea and what elements you would like to see but trust us to execute in a professional and creative way you will in most cases get some of our best work.

I was asked to design and created tiny Matador costumes for chihuahuas, obviously I said yes immediately.

Project was for Epsilon Tequila Cocktail week event in Portland this past week.

I just adore brands who use creative marketing. Thank you so very much Espolon  and Mark from

Here are of the studio shots I took while figuring out jackets. Modeled by my little friend Sabine who is a very good sport. And also Olive, part time dog model.


And here are some images from the Event. All these images courtesy of Epsilon Tequila.



Milkbone Project.

I dont even remember how many months ago this project was. You know, ads take a while to come out. I was hired to design a few things for this campaign.

I made the mens plaid robe, matching dogs plaid robe, and two other outfits for the dog.

I was actually pretty excited to see the end result.

Cute stuff Milkbone 🙂mbblog2

mbblog1Behind the scenes bad Phone pic, but that tiny sink!!!!! SO cute.mbblog3