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Every now and then.

I actually leave the studio or my house, which these days is not so very often. I may seem MIA but am working on projects and figuring out some business and life things. I did go to the Herakut opening at Corey Helford Gallery this weekend though.

Exene was there, I am such a huge fan of her and X. I first saw them play in Santa Cruz when I was 12 or 13 years old and thought she was one of the most dynamic gorgeous women I had ever witnessed. Also she was wearing a burlap sack made into a dress and a tiara which I also thought was great.

She’s still a total babe.



The Cramps an Artist Tribute

This Sunday evening please come if you are in the Hollywood/Los Angeles vicinity. 


The Burgundy Room Gallery presents “ALOHA FROM HELL: A CRAMPS TRIBUTE SHOW”

Three years in the making, we’re proud to finally host our Cramps themed Halloween show. We invited 20 artists from around the country to give us their ultimate tribute piece inspired by the Cramps, including:

Natalia Fabia
Jessica Louise Thompson
Adam Wallacavage
Johnpaul Altamirano
Tomi Monstre
Damon Robinson
Apollo Starr
Shaun “KASL” Singer
Michael Hamel
Joey Maas
Shawn M Mckinney
Josh McKevitt
Carlos Ramos
Julie Bolene
Darby Krow
Alan Forbes

Sam Soto

and more to be announced…

Don’t miss our opening night as there are sure to be suspected and unexpected surprises and special guests…

Show will run nightly from Sunday, Oct. 13th thru Thursday, Oct. 31st.

curated by Vanessa Burgundy

Bees sometimes belong in your hair.

My new favorite thing to wear in my hair and throw in models hair on shoots. Giant Bee.

Myself and two of my lovely friends at the Risk/Colin Christian opening last night at the Corey Helford Gallery.

For photos of the work visit CUPCAKE PUNK

Photos: Brandi Milne & Jack Speciez