Pet Collars of course.

If you follow me you know I am a huge animal lover and have one small dog named Sabine and one Kitty named Dyna. And previously was the mother to Sailor the cutest dog model ever.

Sabine is not too shabby of a dog model herself though, I took these photos this morning after making the collar samples last night.

Now these are intended for smaller dogs and for cats but I am totally open to special orders for creatures of other sizes. Just email me You can find these for sale right now on my Etsy all handmade by myself. Ill be adding them to my regular site and offering WS to any retailers interested as well.

Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone I hope you enjoy your delicious dinners and beverages.

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A few things Ive made this week.

Im just getting around to doing so many updates, and in-between I like to make special pieces for the retail shop. Ive also added them to my Etsy and online shop as well. These things can be customized since they are made to order, so anyone who is interested feel free to email me

I hope your day is just lovely.


Jessica Louise

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This past sunday I did a photo shoot with my good friend and super talented photographer Casey Curry as his studio here in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles. This dress I am wearing is very special not only because it is vintage but because it belonged to the actress Sharon Tate. I love her so much and am so grateful to the Family of Sharon for letting me borrow this dress for my personal project.

Hopefully I did it justice.

Photographer: Casey Curry

MUAH: Myself using MAC, Sugarpill and R+Co Outer Space and Rockaway products

Shoes: T.U.K

Jewelry: Tarina Tarantino







My Cinderella

Well I suppose this would be one version of a dress if Cinderella was a real live girl. I hand dyed white lace and trim to match, then made all the shirring and hand beaded and added color matched metal findings along bust line and on skirt. I love making special one of a kind dresses .  It is also somehow cathartic creating something new in between my daily sewing projects. I only usually have these items available in my retail store, just because people usually want to try on things when they are higher price points and make sure of the fit etc.

Headband is also by me.

This dress is on my website however.


Modeled by the beautiful and talented Megan Massacre

Photo by Michelle X Star meg2 meg1


Every Moment is a small gift.

In the past two months two people who I love dearly and who are close friends in my life have lost people they love to tragic accidents.
I feel like we all forget to appreciate life and the tiny things that make each day special.
The perfect sunset or loveliest breeze we miss because of distraction to our social media accounts or thoughts, fixated on trivial nonsense.
I myself am guilty of this terrible waste to my precious moments and fleeting time I have left on our beautiful planet.
I strive to remind myself daily the cost of distraction and to concentrate on moving forward in only positive directions, be creative and mindful of others even if they are not mindful of me.

Let us all try to not waste our time and moments and be as happy as we possibly can while we are here.
Have the most amazing day you can,I hope you can take the time to throughly enjoy something you love even if its just for ten minutes.
All my regards.


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