Queen of Rabbits and kitten couture.

My very good friend Adam Wallacavage was here in Los Angeles a few months ago, not only is he an incredible artist but also one of my favorite photographers.

So of course we did an impromptu shoot with his friend Claudia and my pal Tess.
I made all the garments, and accessories – Rabbit hat, Kitty ears,pearl epaulettes and bow pin.
All the Jewelry Is from Tarina Tarantino including oversize pearls.

Photography- Adam Wallacavage

Styling- Jessica Louise

Wardrobe- Hats-rabbit,kitty ears , bow shoulder pin (claudia), pearl epaulettes (tess) –  Jessica Louise

Shoes- Irregular Choice

MU- Tom Perez

Hair- Jessica Louise

Jewelry- Tarina Tarantino

Shot in the home of artist Paul Koudounaris.






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Vintage Prom Inspired Commision Dress

I’m generally always up for a challenge and when people who had no idea about myself or my work walked into my shop and asked if I could design a 50’s prom quinceanera dress for them, I said yes. I learned allot accepting this job, mainly it might be best to work with people who hire me because of my previous work. This ended up being more of a challenge of patience but I am happy with the way the dress came out. Last minute I made her a little shrug to go with dress for the church aspect of the ceremony.

commision dresssm pd1 pdb

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Pretty Sisters, one of my favorite shoots.

In between the thousand other revolving creative and personal projects I have been going through photos to update my site and portfolio.

These were shot a while ago at my Apartment DTLA with

Photographer Michelle X Star

Make Up- Tom Perez

Jewelry: Spragwerks

Shoes: Iron Fist

Except Pretty Sparkle Golden  Heels those are -TUK

And Styling Wardrobe etc Myself.

Brit “Kiddo” Joyce & Stefanie Uncles who are sisters in Law.

Stephanie Uncles Shooting for Jessica Louise

Stephanie Uncles Shooting for Jessica Louise

Stephanie & Britt Uncles Stephanie & Britt Uncles for Jessica Louise Stephanie Uncles for Jessica Louise Stephanie Uncles for Jessica Louise   Stephanie & Britt Uncles for Jessica Louise Stephanie Uncles for Jessica LouiseStephanie Uncles for Jessica LouiseStephanie Uncles for Jessica Louise


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New Antlers and Pirate invasions.

Ive been experimenting with casting this week, having had a pirate invade my creative space. Thank you you pirate, because I was inspired to make glitter pieces to add a little more sparkle to these as well as difference treatment to add the loveliest sheen of candy shimmer.

All pieces are handmade and hand cast by myself of 100% vegan made made materials, flowers I order out from a place that has been supplying millinery since the 40s.

Flowers are natural materials including Velvet, silk, cotton, lucite, resin or real i.e.: pinecones. Berries are resin or lucite.

Antlers mounted on steel but light weight and durable.

Im working on a whole hat series next week. And actually just shot in an incredible house owned by a very interesting artist. I cannot wait to share those with you!

Here are two new pieces, the others have yet to dry.

I started these as a personal art project in 2012.

Candy Coated day in June-


Queen of the Forest-


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A few Favorites from the past couple of years..

One of my favorite things to make is special head pieces tailored to each creative shoot or whim really. I started making flower head pieces in the 90’s ,I think probably inspired by one of my favorite artists Frida Kahlo at the time and always.
Anyhow here are a few of my favorite head pieces shot over the last several years.
As always constantly working on new ideas ,and funny how sometimes inspiration come from the most unexpected places, I plan on a great many projects this year including the launch of a new line and website.
Stay tuned for details.
For any commission or special requests always feel free to contact me.
Have a wonderful rest of the week bunnies.
All following images Wardrobe and accessories designed by and executed by Jessica Louise.
Images Copyright Jessica Louise Inc. 2015
Portrait of Myself by Ken Marcus
Model The Incredible Mosh Image by Michelle X Star
Model Ulorin Vex Shot in My Apartment DTLA Image Michelle X Star
Model Sarah Marie Shot in My studio DTLA By Michele Muerte
Model Sarah Marie Shot in My studio DTLA By Michele Muerte
Model Kassandra Love Shot in my studio DTLA By Michele Muerte


Model Agata Shot in my studio DTLA by Michele Muerte


Model Kelly Eden Shot on Location DTLA By Michelle X Star


Model Kelly Eden Shot on location DTLA By Michelle X Star


Model Mosh shot in my apartment DTLA by Michelle X Star


Model Mosh shot DTLA in my Apartment by Michelle X Star


Model Sabine Kelly Shot on Location Las Vegas by Michelle X Star


Models Makani Terror and Chreey Dollface Shot at Michelle’s Apt Hollywood Shot by Michelle X Star


Model Cherry Dollface Shot in Hollywood by Michelle X Star


Model Mosh shot in my Apartment DTLA By Michelle X Star


Model Mosh Shot in my Apartment DTLA By Michelle X Star


Model Megan Masacre Shot on Location Hollywood By Michelle X Star

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