Every Moment is a small gift.

In the past two months two people who I love dearly and who are close friends in my life have lost people they love to tragic accidents.
I feel like we all forget to appreciate life and the tiny things that make each day special.
The perfect sunset or loveliest breeze we miss because of distraction to our social media accounts or thoughts, fixated on trivial nonsense.
I myself am guilty of this terrible waste to my precious moments and fleeting time I have left on our beautiful planet.
I strive to remind myself daily the cost of distraction and to concentrate on moving forward in only positive directions, be creative and mindful of others even if they are not mindful of me.

Let us all try to not waste our time and moments and be as happy as we possibly can while we are here.
Have the most amazing day you can,I hope you can take the time to throughly enjoy something you love even if its just for ten minutes.
All my regards.


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Scratchboard Drawing Projects.

As often as I possibly can, when I get settled in after work I try to work on or complete at least one creative project at home. Lately I have really been enjoying making scratchboard drawings. I forgot how much fun they are. Here are my three most recent ones. shewassm 8×10″ “Lucide Daydreams Sold sheoften8×10 “Lost Words” Sold


8×10″ In My Dreams you are there” Available

If you are interested in available works please email

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Stuff and Things

I suppose its been a month now, but I shot a segment for German reality show with a very sweet girl and also shot these lovely ladies as well. I just wanted to share a few images and the second I have a bit of free time will update full detail blog with link to show and final images from the shoot we did for the show in my shop.

Hope everyone is doing great! Happy Summertime.


Model: Anita Joy MU:Xanthia Pink Hair: Bianca Photo: MichelleXStar

This outfit is a once of a kind little piece and is available in my retail store or you can send inquiry to


Model: Melanie MU: Xanthia Pink Hair: Bianca Photo: MichelleXStar

This tank is available on my online store in red leopard, as well as grey leopard and in my retail shop. Please use code: antlergirl for 10%


Model: Stephanie Shaw MU: Xanthia Pink Hair: Bianca Photo: MichelleXStar

Dress available in red as well as black on my online store and in my retail store. Dress shown with bow vest which is available with red bow as well or any custom color bow.

Contact Us / Send Us an Email




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Retail Shop News

postcard1- frontWell Not crazy news but I am keeping more regular hours. In general I am here working in my studio and shop Monday through Friday 10am-7pm and Saturdays 11am-6pm. Available all other reasonable hours by Apt including Sundays. Please do give me a call if you want to stop by and are in the area 213-489-1066 .

Also have been making allot of one of a kind items just for the retail shop as well as custom garments for clients, so anyone interested in that sizes Xs-3X You just have to be able to come in for fittings.

I hope all is well. Sorry its been a while since Ive posted anything and do have a ton of amazing new images to share, Ive just been outside of the internet lately.

Updates soon.

Hope all is well and everyone is happy and enjoying spring.

Lots of Love always,


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My tiny love the lady dog.

A little over 15 years ago I decided to add the first dog to my life. She was exactly 7″ long and probably weighed about the size of a stapler if that. The second I met her I loved her. So much in fact that I could not bear to leave her alone even for a few hours, so she went everywhere with me, movies, restaurants,everyplace dogs are not allowed but she was tiny and my dog bag looked like a purse so nobody ever noticed.

When I had to leave her I got a sitter. I started designing in a shared art space in a basement off Fairfax and sailor would be zipped up in my sweatshirt while I worked just sleeping or watching for hours. I have been lucky enough to have worked for myself for the last 13 years and my friend has come with me almost everyday.

I know that we get only a few special animals in our lives, they comfort us, love us unconditionally, and sometime take care of us in ways other people cannot. Sailor was this for me, my tiny hero and savior from a thousand tears and healer of many heart breaks and hard times as well as a tiny ray of sunshine and a daily valentine. I had love in my life no matter what every single day she was in my life.

I told her everyday I would love her until her last day and yesterday morning she left me.

It feels like a piece of me died with her, and maybe it has.

Those of you who are animal lovers I’m sure know this feeling.

To my friend Sailor I will love you until my last day. Thank you for taking such good care of me.sailorwp2