Black Friday Weekend Sale Code & Upcoming Events


Please use code : Sabine at checkout for 20% off anything on the store online including Sale Items. 30-60% off in shop today and tomorrow. Ill be here until 8pm today, tomorrow from 10am-7pm.  1041 S Broadway Los Angeles CA 90015 (213)489-1066


Happy Holiday Season everyone!!! I will also be having a party with Tess Holliday & Natalia Fabia Dec 12th at my shop from 12-4pm Stay tuned for detail’s.


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A little update from my personal life

You have or may have not noticed this about me. I don’t post a lot of personal information about my private life. Mainly because I just don’t feel like I want or need to post every mundane aspect of my life. 

 I will however share the news that in two weeks I will be getting married. It will be an extremely small event, about a dinner party size.

I finally realized what romantic love was supposed to feel like and what a true partnership means. Both of those things have taken much of my adult life to realize. Besides the wonderful and fulfilling friendships I have in my life, romantic love has never been ideal for me. 

I’ve always really focused on my creative side to compensate.

I happy to share my life with someone who understands me completely and a bit sorry It took me over a decade to give him a chance.

I believe timing is basically everything when it comes to those matter though. 

Anyhow… That is that. 

Hurrah for love.

Jessica Louise & Jeffery Page

Jessica Louise & Jeffery Page



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Gunzal- Saturdays Portrait

I met this lady I think ten years ago. I wasn’t really doing Saturday Portraits for the next few months but wanted to get her in because she’s AWESOME! :) I started this dress yesterday and finished it this morning. 

Using new ring flash as only light source and 85mm lens. 

I have a few yards of this fabric so can make four of these dresses in any size. Please inquire if interested. 



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Fun things Ive made this week.

Making head pieces is some kind of relaxing creative project downtime for me. I made all these this week. Mixed materials including hand cast resin antler, hand cast resin skulls,felt flowers and berries, hand set crystals, faux pearls, rhinestones, satin, glitter spider, glitter stars and etc.

Check them out…. I took these images yesterday. Available in Limited Edition on my website.

blog1 blog2 blog3 blog4


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Espolon Tequila : Tiny Matador Project

Every once in a while I get hired to do a really fun project where I get total creative freedom. I guess with most artists and designers, if you give us a list of idea and what elements you would like to see but trust us to execute in a professional and creative way you will in most cases get some of our best work.

I was asked to design and created tiny Matador costumes for chihuahuas, obviously I said yes immediately.

Project was for Epsilon Tequila Cocktail week event in Portland this past week.

I just adore brands who use creative marketing. Thank you so very much Espolon  and Mark from

Here are of the studio shots I took while figuring out jackets. Modeled by my little friend Sabine who is a very good sport. And also Olive, part time dog model.


And here are some images from the Event. All these images courtesy of Epsilon Tequila.



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