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Skyy Vodka Project

I had the great pleasure of designing and producing women’s event staff uniforms for Skyy Vodka recently. Well ,actually the design process started around Thanksgiving of 2015 and just ended two weeks ago. It was a long process but I am very happy with the result and so was the client. Which basically is always the most important part of any job.

So if you are at any Skyy event this summer those are my dresses ūüôā

Wrap dresses with embroidery and powder coated headbands to match.

I love doing freelance projects.

blogskyy2blogskyy3  blogskyy1 SkyyVodka_DogwoodFest_AMB4077 SkyyVodka_DogwoodFest_AMB4224

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Every now and then.

I actually leave the studio or my house, which these days is not so very often. I may seem MIA but am working on projects and figuring out some business and life things. I did go to the Herakut opening at Corey Helford Gallery this weekend though.

Exene was there, I am such a huge fan of her and X. I first saw them play in Santa Cruz when I was 12 or 13 years old and thought she was one of the most dynamic gorgeous women I had ever witnessed. Also she was wearing a burlap sack made into a dress and a tiara which I also thought was great.

She’s still a total babe.



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All in the golden Afternoon

I was supposed to get my portrait taken on Thursday but that ended up being rescheduled. Instead I photographed a few things Ive been making this week.

This dress will come in two color ways Alice and French Maid.

Have a wonderfluy productive start to your week everyone.

Lots of undying love and etc.


blogalice2blogalice  blogalice3

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The Grass is never greener

Its one of those things we are all guilty of. If I only this or that. If you won the lottery your life would be full of new unforeseen consequences. 

In one respect we all do fantasize about what our lives could and would be like in different circumstances, what ever your cup of tea may be. Its really different for each one of us.

In another: what we dream in our minds about our circumstances in most cases, life would not be better. 

Now I am talking about the” only if I had a bigger car, boobs, so and so’s boyfriend girlfriend blah blah blah superficial¬†nonsense¬†. Not “if I only could eat three meals a day scenario”.

I feel like most of the grass is greener set are focusing on things that will not enhance or make their lives better. They just for some reason think more material things or relationships will make them happier and a better person.

When in reality hard work observation and due diligence are a few of the multitude of actions we can do in our daily lives to make our own grass the greenest grass of all.

Happy Monday everyone have a wonderful week.

Oh and here is one of my favorite artists since I was 13. Vali Meyers.


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Fashion and Design Intern Positions Open


mermaidsuit copy
I am ¬†looking for multiple interns that are reliable, eager, multi-faceted, highly organized, motivated, detailed oriented individuals looking to grow with a indie design studio. ¬†As an intern you must commit to work at least 1-3 days for 3 months. College Student or recent grad a+ After internship candidates maybe considered for a paid position. Will provide college credit. The internship involves some of the following styling, merchandising, fulfilling and packing orders, handling all social media accounts. Since we are a small company up you’ll be able to work on various projects and be involved in some decision making. This is a very hands on position. Intern Qualifications:
Positive attitude
Self Starter & Resourceful
Punctual and accountable
Excellent at meeting deadlines
Strong communication skills
Sewing & Photography skills is a major attribute+

Some Responsibilities Include:
– Styling
– Steaming Clothes
– Client Support
– Measuring
– Organizing clothes
– Update & manage social media accounts, such as; Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Polyvore, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
– Organizing client profiles
– Inventory management
– Fulfilling and packing orders
– Assist on product shoots

Fashion interns: submit your resume along with cover letter explaining why you would be a good candidate for us along with a picture of yourself.

Graphic Design Qualifications:
– Completed or in progress of completing a major in either Web Design, Graphic Design or related fields)
– Proficient in CS5 or CS6
– Must have own laptop
– Ability to handle multiple tasks, set priorities, and meet deadlines
– Is a motivated self- starter and has the desire to learn and grow with our company

Some Responsibilities Include:
– Producing Marketing artwork and assets and help manage the design of online content and advertising
– Ghosting and cutting out images
– Producing styling layout for clients
– Designing and producing mock layouts, ads, banners, landing pages, lookbooks, email marketing content, taglines, and feature rich content etc
– Photo enhancing and typography design for lifestyle model shoots.
– Design logotypes, icons, print collateral for packaging and merchandise

Graphic Design Interns: Email your resume with cover letter explaining why you would be a good candidate and include your online portfolio.



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