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Archive | November, 2015

New Styles Added to Shop & Lovely Haley Rose

I opted out of my weekly day off and came in Sunday to make new samples and do a quick shoot of those samples. 

Pretty and Talented Haley Rose  Came by and modeled for me.

Ive added these and more to the shop.

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A little update from my personal life

You have or may have not noticed this about me. I don’t post a lot of personal information about my private life. Mainly because I just don’t feel like I want or need to post every mundane aspect of my life. 

 I will however share the news that in two weeks I will be getting married. It will be an extremely small event, about a dinner party size.

I finally realized what romantic love was supposed to feel like and what a true partnership means. Both of those things have taken much of my adult life to realize. Besides the wonderful and fulfilling friendships I have in my life, romantic love has never been ideal for me. 

I’ve always really focused on my creative side to compensate.

I happy to share my life with someone who understands me completely and a bit sorry It took me over a decade to give him a chance.

I believe timing is basically everything when it comes to those matter though. 

Anyhow… That is that. 

Hurrah for love.

Jessica Louise & Jeffery Page

Jessica Louise & Jeffery Page



Gunzal- Saturdays Portrait

I met this lady I think ten years ago. I wasn’t really doing Saturday Portraits for the next few months but wanted to get her in because she’s AWESOME! 🙂 I started this dress yesterday and finished it this morning. 

Using new ring flash as only light source and 85mm lens. 

I have a few yards of this fabric so can make four of these dresses in any size. Please inquire if interested.