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Fun things Ive made this week.

Making head pieces is some kind of relaxing creative project downtime for me. I made all these this week. Mixed materials including hand cast resin antler, hand cast resin skulls,felt flowers and berries, hand set crystals, faux pearls, rhinestones, satin, glitter spider, glitter stars and etc.

Check them out…. I took these images yesterday. Available in Limited Edition on my website.

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Espolon Tequila : Tiny Matador Project

Every once in a while I get hired to do a really fun project where I get total creative freedom. I guess with most artists and designers, if you give us a list of idea and what elements you would like to see but trust us to execute in a professional and creative way you will in most cases get some of our best work.

I was asked to design and created tiny Matador costumes for chihuahuas, obviously I said yes immediately.

Project was for Epsilon Tequila Cocktail week event in Portland this past week.

I just adore brands who use creative marketing. Thank you so very much Espolon  and Mark from

Here are of the studio shots I took while figuring out jackets. Modeled by my little friend Sabine who is a very good sport. And also Olive, part time dog model.


And here are some images from the Event. All these images courtesy of Epsilon Tequila.



A little story about me & Brittany Andrews Photos

I have worked with many mediums. Printmaking, all types of painting materials, illustration, computer graphic design, textiles and sewing (obviously), resin casting. I had an indie record label in the 90s for three releases, and so on.

When I was in high school I had my own darkroom and loved photography, Ive always loved photography but back then It was my favorite pastime.

Especially band photography ,having been an avid fan of all genres of music my whole life it made sense to photograph some of the bands I loved. 

I shot for indie zines mostly local Santa Cruz ones and every so often one of my photos would be in Maximum rock and roll.

That was kind of a big deal to a 15 year old back in the late 80s.

Its been a while but lately have really been enjoying doing my amateur personal photo projects. taking studio portraits of strangers and also of my close friends.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 1998 I knew maybe three people here. I had transferred here with the company I worked for at the time Betsey Johnson as a head sales associate later to move on to several different tiers of various high end retail, also did acting and modeling in between.

In 1999 I was photographed for the cover of International Tattoo Art ( March 2000 issue) at that time tattoo covers were mostly shot at conventions and I was asked to attend some random convention to be photographed.

Since Ive always been a pretty private person and extremely rare instance will get half naked in a public place I requested to be photographed in a private studio.


That was Ken Marcus Studios. 

The first day I met Ken I was being shot at his studio. I was in between jobs doing random commercials and weird music video jobs.

I immediately established a respect and and connection with Ken. 

He’s one of those personalities I really love. Full of unbelievable stories and just very talented and interesting.

Ken’s studio was an porn studio basically. He had been one of the head photographers for Playboy in the 80s and when I met him had his own site while working for Penthouse.

Prior to that he was Ansel Adams protégé and has literally done every type of photography. Recently he celebrated his 50th anniversary of being in the same photography studio on Melrose.

 Ken Hired me a few days after meeting me to be his assistant and studio manager.

I worked for him for four years. I have to say that was one of the most interesting jobs I have ever had.

Also Ken has been a great friend and mentor to me over the years, we still talk and have meals relatively often.

One of the girls we shot was Brittany Andrews. At the time we we both in our mid 20s and now are in our early 40’s so needless to say that was a while ago.

I immediately liked her. She is still one of the most honest people I know. 

I had not seen her in so many years because she had moved to the east Coast and spent nine years there, recently she moved to Vegas.

She said was going to be in town this week and asked if I could photograph her.

Here are a few of the images I shot yesterday at my apartment DTLA.