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Archive | August, 2015

Heather- This weeks Portrait

Its Saturday so I have a new portrait for you to view.  This is Heather, she is a 25 year old Student from the Los Angeles Area. I decided she should be a cat today.

I have a few openings incoming. Please submit two images or a link to your portfolio to if you are interested in coming in for a portrait, free of charge. 

heather1blog heather2blog



Milkbone Project.

I dont even remember how many months ago this project was. You know, ads take a while to come out. I was hired to design a few things for this campaign.

I made the mens plaid robe, matching dogs plaid robe, and two other outfits for the dog.

I was actually pretty excited to see the end result.

Cute stuff Milkbone 🙂mbblog2

mbblog1Behind the scenes bad Phone pic, but that tiny sink!!!!! SO cute.mbblog3


Lectures, Vintage flowers & Queen of the Fae

Last week I went to a very interesting lecture with my best friend. It took place in the lovely Santa Monica backyard of a painter who has regular guest lectures by accomplished artists.

They have a potluck and you get to see a presentation of the featured artists work, listen to them talk about their work and then ask them questions afterwards.

The featured artist this time was Painter and teacher  Steven Assael who’s work is obviously just beautiful.


One of my favorite answers to a question after the lecture was this.

The Question was ” What is the most enjoyable form of expression for you?, drawing or painting?”

And his answer ” Neither, It’s not something I enjoy, its something I have to do. A compulsion that I cannot deny. (not verbatim but basically that)

I just thought that was interesting because I feel like this all the time ever since I can remember. I create the things I do out of the compulsion to create, not for any other purpose really.

Its an inherent need deep inside me that I cannot really control.

I know that every artists feels this way.

So anyway, a segue into a few of the head pieces Ive made this week, just because I absolutely had to. If they sit here in my studio forever at least they are out of my system.


I hand cast the resin elements and mixed them with vintage and reproduction vintage millinery ,poppies, beads, hand set crystal and (handmade by me) appliqué.

Green Hand Cast Skull with all vintage millinery

bb hb 8blog

Clear with glitter Hand Cast Antlers with all vintage millinery, mixed rose, and hand set crystals

bb hb 1blog

Hand Cast skull with all vintage millinery, and hand set crystals

bb hb 3blogbb hb 2blog


Hand made bat appliqué with sequi bow and my enamel skull with all felt millinery,and hand set crystals front and back views.

bb hb 4blogbb hb 5blog


Vanessa- This weeks Portrait

This week I was shooting my friend Vanessa who is a talented costume designer and general all around renaissance woman. Anyhow I made a special outfit for her to wear.

Blue velvet show suit with hand set crystals and beading.

Along with pink sparkle hand cast antler crown mixed with vintage and repro vintage millenary hand set crystals and beads.


Brittany & Kelsey Saturdays Portrait

This week I did two well ,technically three portraits for my personal project. Ive know Brittany for quite some time , she photo assisted my very good friend and amazing photographer and artist Michalle X Star. 

Brittany also is an Architect and lives in the Los Angeles Area along with her sister Kelsey who is a massage therapist.

I also did the MUAH, its been a while since I’ve done makeup and never do hair really, so give me a little break.

These sisters are so supportive and loving towards one another. It was my pleasure to spend time with them.

Thanks ladies!

Brittany Dillon


Kelsey Dillon