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Archive | July, 2015

Sewing is therapy = Pink Barbie Cocktail Dress

Somedays are better than others. I find if Im feeling sad or whatever ,making something just for fun is good therapy. So “Its one of those days ” I made a full length what I would Imagine 60’s Barbie would wear to a cocktail party.

Heres a detail shot.

Back to regular projects.



Portrait Project.

Lately I have been trying to get back into doing more photography. When I was in High school and early college I had my own darkroom and did allot of freelance band photography but that was literally a lifetime ago. 

So I have been scheduling every Saturday one or two clients to come in for one look portrait.  Im not looking for professional models necessarily , I want all body types and looks. Come camera ready MUAH , I will style you one look.

All free of charge obviously.

Anyone interested please submit two photos of yourself and contact info to my assistant Victoria 

Here are two I took today of Lily who is a customer service representative and lives in Burbank.

lilyblog1 lilyblog2