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Archive | June, 2015

Jessica Louise Loves Eloise

Ive been going through my hard drives organizing photos, and finding really cool stuff. Like this graphic my friend Evelyn Black created of me.

Inspired by Eloise, who was my favorite little girl and book when I was a little girl.

I even named my dogs after her dolls. Saylor & Sabine.



Sounds are illusions

I don’t not often share my artwork, but here is a recent painting I did and like.

“Sounds are illusions”- Mixed media and glitter on a sheet of Domenico Zipoli composition sheet 1919

Ive been working on an illustrated journal for the last four years and paint as well as write and sketch ideas . Lately Ive been referencing it for titles to work and inspiration for new paintings.

This excerpt from my journal is where I got the title for this painting.

” Sounds are illusions, that perfect familiar feeling does not exist in the way you even wanted or hoped for. But the dreams always feel nice regardless”- 8/26/14 Jessica Louise


sounds are illusions

Pop Up Shop and Sale with Tess Holliday Tomorrow

Tomorrow from 10-4 Quick popup and Sale with my pretty friend Tess.