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I am trying to slowly get back into regular updates here and at Cupcake Punk I tend to be very guarded about my private life but can say the past year has been one of the most challenging of my life personally and I’m just beginning to feel like myself again, sort of. 

When I am trapped under dark clouds sometimes its hard to take steps forward. I just try to love life every day and look forward to continuing to be creative and hopefully grow and constantly evolve.

I just want to say thank you for being supportive. I’ll do my best to deserve it.



School Bites Cameo

A while ago Holly G asked me if I would design a uniform for one of her characters in School Bites. I am so honored to have a cameo in this series !


Shorts for Fall

All I want to wear is shorts with tights. It is still summer in Los Angeles but as soon as it cools down, these are my uniform most of the week. With assorted tops of course.  I made them originally for myself but added them to the shop and will be making special ones for the retail store as well. 



Hi Strangers. I know its been a while. Its a long story so another time. I decided it would be a good Idea to start shooting girls more often and since I made a few new things last week for the retail store I asked the cute girls from The Bombpops if I could do a little photoshoot before their band played this past friday.

Thanks Jen & Poli heart heart.

Check them out: THE BOMBPOPS

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