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You might have wondered where I have been.

You might have wondered where I have been.

Well on my blog anyhow. I have been working crazy long long hours on top of working through a few life events. Its funny how everything seems to happen all at once sometimes. So many terrible things and then there’s always that light that guides you back out of the darkness.

Well Im out of the darkness once again and hope to have more time to get creative things done in the next few months. I did have my shop opening party which was so much fun and got to see allot of clients and friends I had not visited with in a while.  Hint water dropped off so many delicious waters, I love love love them!!!! AND I Killed the Symphony played a set on top of my cutting tables, they were fantastic. 

 I have done a few really fun photoshoots with very adorable girls. Ill be posting those this week. 

But in the meantime here are few images from my party. 

I hope you all are well. Sorry about the short post after so very long but its 4:30 am and Im still not nearly done with what I am working on so need to get back to it.

My undying love and constant affection to you all.

xo J

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