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Archive | February, 2013

Time is Illusive.

I feel like time either goes by so slow or at hyper speed. I am getting ready for my “official” opening party and have a million things to do but feel like time is dragging. I will be so so glad when Friday night is over even though I am really looking forward to it.

I’m especially grateful to all my friends,clients, and family who have supported me as an artist for all these years. It has literally been my dream come true being able to have a studio/retail space in my favorite spot in Los Angeles. I have been working downtown LA for over ten years and have lived here for three, it’s changed so dramatically but still remains my very favorite place here in Southern California.

I am looking forward to the future and spending more days on the sunny side of the street.

Thank you again all of you so so much.

With Love always,




Exciting new developments from Sekret City


One of my all time favorite  Artists and Tattooists has expanded his brand to include jewelry. I am in love with the Domino mask necklace, and really the photos do not do the pieces justice lovely as they are.
The details are just fantastic.
Available at: Under shop. There are also Patches,hoodies and graphic tshirts.