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Archive | December, 2012

Things I’ve made this week & shop.

I should be doing other things besides making purses this week but I  just felt like making purse patterns and doing a few custom pc for the shop. Although I may add them to online store as well.

Here are a few things I made this week including lampshade & what the shop is looking like.  Also what my studio looks like for anyone who is interested.

Shop hours are M-F 10-8 weekends I am here most of the time but not all the time so appointments are suggested for weekends or odd hours. If I am here working obviously people are welcome to stop in.

213-489-1066 1041 S.Broadway Los Angeles CA 90015 between Olympic & 11th Downtown Los Angeles.

I will be available the 2nd of January and onward.

 I hope everyone has a safe fun and wonderful New Years whatever you are doing. 7purse

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Jessica Louise Retail Open for Appointments!

I still have work to do but in the meantime I am finished enough with the retail store to open and take appointments. 

I am available Monday-Sunday 8am-10pm If I am here working in the studio obviously I am happy to let you in if you are at the door but any odd hours or days I may not be here.

Anyhow I am excited to work with you ladies in person and to be able to offer specialized customer service and free alterations on in-house bought garments. 

Also I will be making many custom one of a kind type of garments and accessories (like antlers etc) available only in person.

Please feel free to call 213 489 1066 to schedule shopping appointments or even if you just want to check out the shop.

Or come by 1041 S Broadway LA CA 90015 between Olympic/Broadway Normal studio hours are M-F 10-7