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The Bullhorn Gang

The website and kickstarter has officially launched for The Bullhorn Gang. A project my good friend Dylan Stewart (talented and amazing designer and web developer) first Issue of this graphic novel series. One of the characters is based on myself (style wise, not criminal wise) and I will be doing artwork for the books as Jessica the character for her sketchbook. Also as part of the kickstarter incentives will be doing a piece of artwork and producing archival quality prints.

Please check out the website and help fund this project the minimum is just only $1.



Bullhorn Gang Website


What is the Bullhorn Gang?

The Bullhorn Gang is a comic book miniseries written by Dylan Stewart and illustrated by comic book artist, Julia Krase. It tells the story of Jack and Jessica, a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde in the age of social media.

The Bullhorn Gang will be released as a 6 issue comic book miniseries. The first issue will be available in 2013. Please follow @bullhorngang on twitter for news and updates. Please email with any questions or to reserve a copy of the Bullhorn Gang.

The Bullhorn Gang Story

Jack, Jessica and Chris are three misfits who moved to Los Angeles to pursue their dreams of fame and fortune. Instead they ended up broke, disenchanted and on the run.

Together they embark on an unprecedented crime spree throughout Los Angeles county. They videotape and upload each crime to their YouTube channel and share every moment with their twitter followers.

After three bank robbery videos, and the murder of a police officer, their notoriety skyrockets. Their videos generate millions of views online and their twitter account grows to 500,000 followers. Both the public and law enforcement officially recognize them as the “Bullhorn Gang.”

The Bullhorn Gang artwork is by comic book artist, Julia Krase. You can learn more about Julia and see some more of her artwork by visiting and

All artwork © copyright 2012 Julia Krase. Based on characters and storylines by Dylan Stewart.

This past week in Outings.

I do not have much to report this week. Basically I am just reorganizing my studio and catching up with work. I did go to a few fun events though.

With Gary Baseman at his opening Nightmares of Halloween Past

And Flux Halloween Party at Soho House In Hollywood with Angelique Groh.