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Steffi & Britt

As a designer and Artist I really try to work with people who I respect or have some sort of positive connection with. When choosing models I always consider who my client base is and really try to have girls who are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.

That probably sounds really cheesy or cliché but it’s true.

In general the girls I have used to model I have developed personal friendships with.

These girls I love. Them and their wonderful family who I have grown close to over the years.

I met Britt several years ago through where else but the internet. She had ordered a few things from my online store and we developed a correspondence. Eventually, she would occasionally drop by with her band or just her band mate & boyfriend Ryan who was one of the sweetest men I have ever met. We lost him last year to cancer.

They would stop by and I would do pulls for photoshoots or whatever they were working on. I just love Britt she’s so sweet and demure in person and such a strong performer on stage.

Steffi is Britt’s sister in Law and I had wanted to do a photoshoot with the two of them for a long time.

I had not spent a lot of time with Steffi until the day of our shoot, she is so hilarious and wonderful. Also one of the most naturally talented models I have ever worked with.

Finally we got around to it.

I love the way the images turned out and the obvious love and friendship reflected between the two girls.

” As a young girl I was always looking for inspiration , especially living in a small Texas town . Where I lived fashion consisted of flip flops and tube tops . But one day I came across Jessica Louise’s Designer page on the Internet ! My life changed at that moment . I was in a band at the time and still am .. Standing in front of thousands of people at Warped Tour I wanted to express the true me .. Jessica had a dress that fit me perfect and the style represented me in my own way . That was seven years ago .. I still feel the same way today . At 13 .. I wanted to be Jessica Louise .. Now I’ve learned to be myself and her clothes make me feel like and look like a rock star .. ” Kiddo from I Killed the Symphony

” When I saw Kiddo ( my BFF and my family ) on the stage for the first time I was fascinated with her style . As a top LA model , originally from Germany , I’m used to seeing clothes everyday and modeling for high fashion , but I never felt at home until I wore Jessica Louise’s clothes . They are truly special , down to the vintage trim and the LA inspired designs . Everyday I wear other people’s clothes .. But my heart belongs to Jessica Louise because she understand the need for girls to be special , feminine and sassy . ”

Steffanie Uncles Professional Top LA Model

Special thanks to Iron Fist, T.U.K,Tom Perez,Spragwerks, Brittany Uncles,Steffanie Uncles

Portraits for no reason.

Every so often I don’t mind being photographed. A few months ago my old friend Ken Marcus took these at his studio.

MU: Tom Perez
Hair: Reyna Soto
Photography: Ken Marcus
Wardrobe/Accessories: Myself
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Makeup Brand Used: Sugarpill

Jessica Louise Retail Store

I guess it slipped my mind, or perhaps my mind has been all over the place the last few months. In any case I moved my studio to a street location which opened up the possibility of a retail space. So hopefully with in the next few months you will be able to visit my retail store and studio.

Hours will be Monday-Sunday by appointment 9-9 1041 S Broadway Los Angeles Ca 90015

It will be a work in progress but so far it’s looking very cute in here. Photos to follow.

Sneak Peek at My Antler Project

I had this idea to make one of a kind pieces using cast resin antlers. It took me over a year to find a set of antler to mold and these are my first two hats in what will be a series of hand cast pieces.

These will be available in my retail store, which should be open by the Holidays. More details to follow.

Models: My lovely friend Makani (dark hair) And the equally as lovely Cherokee Meade