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Archive | July, 2012

Sneak Preview

I have so much to do and am planning on proper introduction and story of these two ladies. Because I do have a back story and I adore them. I expect to have that little project up in a few days but for now here are two images of the shoot we did recently.

Dresses available now in the store

Photos: Michelle X Star

MU: Tom Perez

Hairstyling: Jessica Louise & the girls

Models: Stefanie Uncles & Brittany Uncles

Shoes: Red Iron Fist & Cut Out Heart Black Heels T.U.K Footwear

Jewelry: Spragwerks


Adding new colors and items….

Ive added a few new colorways and will be adding new items to shop through the end of the week, while simultaneously unpacking,catching up, building new online shop and general multitasking.

Here are a few I added today 🙂 I know i need to work on my color balancing, but I am not a photographer so I’ll have to learn as I go.


And today we did this…

A little known fact about me. I used to have a darkroom and was a freelance photographer for magazines like Maximum Rock and Roll, punk Zines, Local music magazines (local as in Santa Cruz) That was a very long time ago so in an effort to relearn photography and constantly update you with new garments and images, I plan on shooting girls myself for website stuff.

Today was my first try. With my dear adorable friend Jacqui and favorite makeup artist Tom from Eye Candy Makeup Studio

Here are a few polaroids. Hopefully the real photos are just as cute.

Bees sometimes belong in your hair.

My new favorite thing to wear in my hair and throw in models hair on shoots. Giant Bee.

Myself and two of my lovely friends at the Risk/Colin Christian opening last night at the Corey Helford Gallery.

For photos of the work visit CUPCAKE PUNK

Photos: Brandi Milne & Jack Speciez