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How to fix unsightly piercing holes.

A possible option:

I do not know exactly what I was thinking when deciding to get my lip pierced eight years ago. Not to say that once it was there I hated it, it was kind of cute esp. with the little CZ stone. But as I get older things like lip piercings seem too juvenile for me personally.
I have been wanting to get rid of it for quite a while now and consulted with my dermatologist a few times before I finally decided I was completely over it.
This morning I went and Dr Liu after giving me a numbing shot that was not very pleasant going in, punched out the scar tissue around my piercing hole. After removing that he stitched me up in a way where when I smile the skin will stretch the right way. Currently I have a bandage on my face that will stay until Monday when I get my stitches removed and possibly have to wear another bandage for one more week.
Depending on why the area looks like after that I may have  IPL or Ematrix to remove scar completely (if there even is a noticeable one).

So something to consider if you are planning on getting a piercing on your face, or already have on and like me are ready for it to be gone but would prefer not having a hole in your face for months or years before it closes up. Actually if you have anything but a tiny gauge they never close up just face the facts. So have a hole in your face (maybe it will be a smaller hole but still there nonetheless) or choose this option.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and dont have this problem.

This is three days post stitch removal. You have to apply Aquaphor every few hours as per nurses instructions to help reduce scaring. I think it will look like nothing once it fully heals up. This is one week and three days after removing scar tissue and getting stitches VS. letting it “close on its own” .

Im getting my belly button done next.

Please contact Dr Liu for consultations or appointments:

Okay! Because people keep ASKING, here is a current photo taken today 1/5/13 of my scar which like i said is so minimal people do not even notice it. There is the very slightest indentation which can easily be fixed with one tiny tiny bit of any dermafiller.
Also Sorry about the gross close up. 

My friend Natalia Had her belly button piercing fixed after I did my lip, here is a healed image of that as well.

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