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Archive | August, 2011

Printing Textiles This week

I am printing new Leopards and PinUp next week. Adding Baby Pink and Grey Leo and Grey PinUP. Here you see about 1/2 the fabric ill be printing. All the lucious Solid heavy weight cotton/Lycra. This is what $2000 looks like. Not very exciting really.

Well its exciting once its back from the printer and made into garments. I need to work on new shapes this week as well. So many things in the works but so many steps to get there.

So sorry about the few & far between updates. I actually have a bunch of stuff to write about this week here so do check back if you are interested.

I have been updating Cupcake Punk everyday-otherday 🙂

Cupcake Punk my New adventure.

Well, Cupcake Punk has been my adventure for 12 years now but now i also have a blogzine titled the same moniker i gave my style. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Limited Edition Headbands.

I usually make custom head pieces for myself or photo shoots only, but i made a few to sell too. I just added these to the shop. I only made one of a few of these and will not be making more most likely.

Shop HeadBands Here

My drawing skills at seven.

Last time i was visiting my mom she gave me one of the books i drew. I need have her find more, they are pretty funny.

These are from one i drew when i was 7.

The Darth Vadar is really funny to me.