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Archive | May, 2011

Ink N Iron

I am in the end stages of prep for Ink N iron this year. Working on Banners & etc to make our booth a bit fancier and comfortable than last year.

Im actually excited for this show. There are bands playing i like and a ton of amazing wonderful people coming from all over the world i love and cant wait to visit with.

Saturday beautiful and fantastic Sabina Kelley will be doing a signing at our booth.

Come visit us June 11-13 at the Queen Mary in Long Beach

Check the site for more details:

Makani in PinUp Leotard.











New Old Photos

Heres a few photos from sets we did ages ago but just received.

Makani Terror who is my favorite tattooed german model and not a terror at all but actually one of the nicest girls i know. So misnomer on the terror part.

Shes wearing a little leotard i made out of the blue pinup fabric.

My other tattooed lady friend who is an amazing tattoo artist and is featured on the new Show NY Ink Megan Massacre, also a misnomer she does not massacre anybody and is a lovely sweet, talented, chipper girl.

In sailor dress & Bow vest. The sailor dresses now have a nicer much fancier handmade cotton bow instead of the satin bow, just fyi.

An then there is me in my new favorite off the shoulder pull over. This image is actually fairly new.

All images Michelle X Star Jewlery im my image by PNUT

Silly Howlers

I just bought a new camera & lighting to take product shots, but may start doing some pet photography because these dogs are really excellent models.

And i LOVE the new retro camera iphone aps.

Hi my name is sailor and im a sexy dog model.

New Project & yes ill be taking submissions.

I am working on a new blog/zine branching out from the world of just me to cover different things. Product reviews, different art, culture, style and of course openings in LA and hopefully other parts of the world depending on the amount of contributors i can get.

So i will be taking submissions. So Do you have products you want me to review, or something you are passionate about that you would like to have a feature column?

Please let me know.


Art In the Streets.

I was one of the lucky non artists invited to the artist opening of Art in The Streets at MOCA. Which was actually so distracting with all the amazing people mixed with beautiful installations and a span of generations of street artistry that i had to revisit the show this week.
I was a bit disappointed at the Bansky room which looked very thrown together.

If you are going to be in Los Angeles before August its very much worth your time to visit this show. Even for those who are not huge street art fans.

Show Runs from May 17-Aug 8th

Check out MOCA for more details

Natalia Fabia,Jessica Louise,Ryh-ming,Camille Rose Garcia,Monique Ramos

Natalia & I
Adam Wallacavage,Me,Natalia Fabia

This kenny scharf car is just asking to be attacked by small children, notice the tiny human attacking in the backround.

Natalia Fabia,Myself,Art Publicist Angelique Groh

Natalia & I with Co curator Aaron Rose

Moca Director Jeffrey Deitch

These people with co curator Roger Gastman

There were a ridiculous amount of celebrities at this opening.

Fake boob grab by Roger Gasman with thee amazing Angelique Groh.

Afterwards we went to Buff Monsters Birthday party. Hes top notch.

All in all one of my favorite art events, in competition only with Bansky barley Legal & Exit through the gift shop premiere.

I love Adam Wallacavage & Natalia Fabia!!!!!!!!