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Archive | January, 2011

Marguerite & Fish Bones

Marguerite my new cat girl. I just printed theses last night. I’m really happy with the colors i mixed for the hair its been a while since i’ve done a gradient element when printing.

I love silk screening sometimes:)

I hope you like her.

I added these to the shop:


Because not every girl loves red.

I made a few Fuchsia Lola bags. Some weeks i feel super productive and creative. This week has been one of those good ones..

This is my favorite feeling. And means ill have allot of new designs and graphics to share with you soon.

I hope you you all are having a fantastic week and feel just as accomplished as i do.


Lola Kitty Purses

Josephine my new girl..

Im working on a new graphic series. First is Josephine, who is available in a long tank, and cotton speckled off the shoulder top.

My next cat girl im in love with. Ill have time to do a sample in a few days.