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Archive | November, 2010

Shoulder bags and more shapes too.

This week i have been working on purses,handbags and shoulder bags. The First shape ive completed is shoulder bag!

Probably because i ride my bike everywhere and would rather have this than a backpack. More next week.

Hey what do you guys want to see me make this holiday season or for spring?

xo Jessica

Leopard Shoulder bag with embroidered Vampire girl and JL Lips Logo Patches. 11 x 13.5″width & length, 33″x 2.75″ strap.
Black cotton liner, 1.5″ ruffle with merrowed edging.
This is the perfect bag for any one who takes transit rides bikes often or just hates holding on to a bag.

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Winter is beautiful,dont forget the color..

Just because it is winter does not mean we cannot be colorful. Drab tones lead to drab moods and we have had enough of those.

Ill be updating the site with new sections and many more images from this shoot.

As well as a bunch of new dresses and fun things for the holidays.

That is my project for the week.

I hope you all had a wonderful festive Halloween.