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Archive | July, 2010

Live your life by your own standards.

One of my friends from Northern California asked me today how i can stand living in Los Angeles, “because people are crazy here”.

And my response to her was Ive created my own bubble. My life and how i live it is dictated by me. I live and work with in a two block radius. I have a wonderful amazing loving fiance who i have just celebrated our fourth year together. I have two of the sweetest dogs and one aloof cat.

I have creative and wonderful friends and am respectful to others and constantly keep busy and work 90% of my weeks.

For these reasons i live a calm and even existence. If someone is negative towards me i tend to not take it to personal. Negativity in most cases comes from self loathing and unhappiness.

Im not a supporter of the whole “Secret thing” but i do believe in positive thinking and moving forward. Those are the things that get you into the next day.

I hope all of you create your own happiness for yourselves everyday.

Pretty earthly i know, but hey im from Santa Cruz.

Lots of Love.



Paysaber my favorite retail device…

For anyone who has a business small or large you need a gateway and a credit card processing machine. If you do any sort of events where you are selling merchandise having a wireless credit card machine is an absolute necessity.
I did two shows back to back last month and i have to say if i did not have my pay saber i would have lost out on ALLOT of sales.

Also amazingly handy for tradeshows,selling band merch, if you are a contractor,hair salon, well pretty much any situation where you are selling a product no matter what it is.

Whats a paysaber?

Well its a wireless credit card processing machine that works with Iphone. You can swipe a card, scan bar-codes which create itemize receipts, and print out receipt’s.

You also get a virtual terminal where you can manage retail/wholesale accounts add inventory, blah ,blah,blah.

UsaEpay is my new gateway and their rates are pretty amazing.

if you are looking for a new gateway and wireless terminal you should check them out.

I love my paysaber!!!

Hairhats and many more delightful visuals.

Nagi Noda an inspirational pop artist who lived a short life . Im obsessed with her hair hats and well pretty much everything she did.

She was genius.

Check out the first video to see this fantastic collection.

At the Printhouse with my pinUp textile.

I was a print major in college,( well fine arts, silkscreen & intaglio) so all types of printing has always been interesting to me. Commercial and textile included. I thought it might be interesting for you guys to see the process of having a textile printed.
So i made a little video for you.

Little Behind the scenes at a shoot.

This is a shoot with one of my favorites models Mosh, who you can always guarantee you will have beautiful poses with. And of Course Michelle Star who always takes a perfect picture.