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Archive | June, 2010

Riot in the Streets.

I was reminded that it could always be worse. I don’t live in the UK with crazed football fans but i do live in downtown Los Angeles so that means the Staples center is blocks from my loft. Sean came to collect me from the office early and walk me the block home just in case the game ended with bad results, and in fact if it had i would not have left the house after arriving home had the Lakers not won tonight.

Go Lakers ( not a sports fan but appreciate the excitement of our home team being champions of course).

Since they won we thought it would be safe to walk the few blocks to Ralph’s and buy food for dinner. Ten minutes after arriving they shut down the store which was guarded by no less than 15 downtown security and in store officers.

On the streets drunk and loud, happy and aggressive fans. So on the two blocks home away from the chaos i was glad to be home and make dinner while helicopters still buzz around the sky’s of my block and the blocks surrounding.

Why do people set cars on fire and start fights when their team WINS? Its so backwards. I wonder why humans cant be happy and maintain peace at the same time. Elation should not lead to violence ever.

I have never been a fanatic anything and feel pretty happy about that.

I’m glad to be in my secure building and away from the throngs of trouble makers and revelers alike.

I do wish the helicopters would go away though.

On a side note i LOVE when girls send me photos of them using my fashion. This is Wendy who bought a one of a kind headband i made for Ink N Iron.

She was a total doll.

Have a safe and happy night all you Lakers fans out there. And have fun in Jail you dicks who are causing problems and being violent.

Leopard Flounce Dresses for Summer.

This little dress was the most popular selling item @ both the popup store and Ink N Iron. Its my favorite because it is cute on every body type.

Available in Bright Pink,Green,& Tan

Leopard Dresses!!!

Childs Toy Fail.

I found this creepy lamb on a visit to china town. Of course It was in the toy section. It has a solar panel that enables it to rock back and forth,and for some reason a face down body at its feet.
Interesting horns haha

Of course i had to buy it.

Ink N Iron this weekend!

Come visit us at our booth this weekend 11-13th @ the Queen Mary in Long Beach. This will be my first time vending at a show like this so i am interested to see how it goes.

There are lots of activities,really awesome bands playing,pinup contest, car show, worls class tattooers from around the world and a huge list of various vendors (including myself.)

For more info check out their site!

Shimmer Weekend

Well i must say that i loved doing the popup store with all the amazing ladies participating. Bubble Punch pulled together an amazing Zoolander party, Japan LAs shimmer 4th anniversary party was really fun, and make over day with Sugarpill was very colorful and fancy.

It is also always nice to be around creative girls.

I look forward to doing more events like this in the future.

Next weekend we will be in Long Beach @ Ink N Iron, if you are going please stop by our booth and say hello were in booth 519.

Hope you all had a fun weekend too.

Me 🙂

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