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Exit Through the gift shop Premiere.

Guests included:Minnie Driver, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, Adrien Brody, Danny Masterson, Juliette Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Tony Hawk, Shepard Fairey, Rebecca De Mornay, Brent Bolthouse, Alanis Morissette, Jonny Lee Miller, Elizabeth Berkley, Daryl Hannah, and Sacha Baron-Cohen.

Out of those i saw six.

There was a red carpet with spray paint and twp cars for guests to tag as they entered. I have always wanted to see the inside of the Los Angeles . It is just beautiful. And i suppose the perfect place to host this event. I already reviewed this movie in a previous post from when i went to the press screening, so check that out if you are not familiar with the story line.

Sean,Myself,Audrey,Jay Bentley By Cobrasnake

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Audrey & I photo: cobrasnake

New Banksy on Broadway.

My pile of ruffles turned into a dress. I told you it was weird. I love it though. I never make anything for myself.

And fresh flowers i think are important for any special event, even street art movie premieres.

Myself,Audrey,Natalia before the movie.

Lazy Sunday,Dogs dressed as frogs & ready for Banksy

Look whos been steps from my front door.

This pile of ruffles has now become my dress for the premiere of Exit through the gift shop, which is at a still to be disclosed location . Ill let you know how it was, i expect amazing.

I am pretty happy with my weird dress, i just have to go to the flower market in the morning and get gardenias,spray roses and crab apples for my hair. I do like fresh flowers for events.

I love sundays. So far ive over slept, rode my bike with sean all through downtown on errands and about to go to yogaworks for class.

I bought Sailor a frog costume and sabine a lobster one.

Dont worry im not torturing them i only but it on for a minute tops, i love watching them run in their costumes its the healthy alternative to anti depressants.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday afternoon.

Banksy Exit through the gift shop

Tonight was one of several press screenings for Banksys film Exit through the gift shop.

Lucky for me I got a press pass.

The movie starts off documenting Thierry Guetta who had a very OCD habit of filming every non-sequential mundane thing that happened in his life up until the point where he discovers his cousin is street artist Space invader.

At this point he becomes focused on filming street artists and obsessively pursues them until he has filmed everyone he can except for one.

Banksy, the proverbial holy grail of street artists.

Just his luck that he finally gets his wish and not only meets but is allowed to film him.

If you know anything about Banksy you know nobody ever gets to film him.

We are taken through the progression of a certain group of street artists from their very roots to the extraordinary notoriety this type of street art has gained in the mainstream art world.

There comes a point where street art is selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. And Now into the millions.

Banksy tells Guetta its time to make his film so people can see where it came from.

Because art is about making art not dollars.

Guetta all this time has been documenting and not labeling or even looking at over 10,000 hours of footage.

Because although he has been telling everybody he is making a documentary in reality he has been just filming and putting tapes in storage bins.

He edits his footage into “his Movie” which he entitles Life Remote Control.

We get to see a clip of it in Exit a mishmash of acid flash back nightmare that reminds me a little bit of the bad scenes from Liquid sky, 80’s and terrible.

Banksy encourages Guetta to go back to LA and make art and maybe have a show, but leave all the raw footage behind with him.

So while Banksy is making this documentary and finding usable footage Guetta has given himself the moniker of Mr. Brainwash and begins to plan his Art show.

At this part of the movie for me I felt ahh the true Nature of the American dream.

This guy who is not a film maker, not an artist hires 20+ people to execute his ideas that are borrowed ideas from other artists and stages a huge opening that gets a ton of press and sells a million dollars worth of art.

His first show.

In the end it feels so unjust the notoriety “Mr. Brainwash” has accumulated in such a ridiculously short amount of time.

All the rest of the artists in this movie have worked for years/decades doing their art and making a name for them selves, not to mention making art for arts sake.

I loved the satire of this documentary, I loved being able to see footage we would have never seen before especially of Bansky who I have admired for many years.

His Show in Los Angeles Barley Legal was one of my most memorable art experiences.

Anyone who is a fan of street art this movie is definitely a must see.

And , if you do go an see it please let me know your take, i would love to get peoples reactions.

Banksy In His Studio Movie Still

The Elephant in the room from The Barely Legal Show In Los Angeles 2006

75,000 People attended this show over 3 days.

Banksy In Los Angeles 2006

Banksy Rat Stencil 2002

In Studio.

For more information go to:

Exit through the gift shop opens in In Los Angeles, New York,San Francisco, Berkley, & Palo Alto April 16th

April 23 Philadelphia,Chicago,Seattle,Boston

April 30  Minneapolis,Washington,Baltimore,Atlanta,Denver,San Diego

May 07 Detroit,Houston,Dallas,Milwaukee,Providence

May 14 St Louis

Creative shoots what i love the most…

Yesterday we did a concept shoot at Gary Baseman’s Apt which is visually amazing to me. The shoot was for a segment on Pro 7 a German network who is following German Model Loulou von Brochwitz. Our segment is a photo shoot with my clothing line.

It ended up being amazing looking. We sort of wrote the storyline as we went which to my ends up well most of the time because its organic.

I took a few snapshots, The actual real photos will be beautiful.

As soon as i get the Dvd with the segment ill post it up.

Loulou & Gary in disguise.

Tub full of tobys.

Action in between sets  shot.

Buff Monster IN NYC April 17th!

My friend Buff Monster is having a show April 17th at Giant Robot in NY, if you are there you should  go, his shows are always good and fun. Plus hes real nice and you might want to meet him.