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Archive | March, 2010

oh tiny goats…

I just love goats. Growing up we had a goat named mary jane who was quite nice and i had fresh goats milk daily. You cannot beat organic fresh milk.
Did you ever wonder where angora or mohair came from?
Well Meet angora goats.

My very favorite fainting goats.

dancing goat

office goat

tiny goat chase..

gaga from before..

I love this its just beautiful. I think her antics are over the tops sometimes but i suppose thats how you have to be when your in the spotlight  to stay relevant.

Capri Leggings my new favorite…

I made myself three pairs and have been wearing them this weekend everyday. Comfortable and versatile currently available in these two styles but next week i will have four colors of leopard to add.
Im wearing them with layered long tank tops because its hot in Los Angeles this week but cute with layered tops & jackets or under dresses.
Of course im sure you know how to dress yourself so mix them with what ever is cutest to you.
Retails for $22.

Sock Garters Back and new & Improved.

Ive added sock garters back to the site in a more feminine style. Lace and bows. Do you guys want to see some plain ones too?
My take on the classic mens sock garter, your ultra cute with your knee high socks and garters.
Adjustable at back O/S fits all.
(Socks Not included)

Photo of the week and new projects ahead….

Cutie Pie Susana (Vestige Photography) Borrowed a few things for one of her shoots. And Sent me this cute image. Speaking of cute images i will be doing two shoots coming up that i am pretty excited about one @ My Amazing friend Gary Baseman’s apartment , he has the most amazing stuff its like a mini museum of awesome random creatures and things.

And then another shoot at my friends house who lives with a magician who i would expect to have a waxed mustache, and his house is pretty cool too.

SO i have two creative shoots to start making custom things for. And afterwards i will add the couture section back to the site for people to have the opportunities to buy one of a kind pieces and photoshoot props. Then i am working on some things for an adorable daughter of a 80’s rockstar who will have a show on A&E coming soon. 

That will be a fun project.

I guess thats about it for this week.

Still in love with Downtown Los Angeles and so happy to not have to drive hardly ever.

Ive decied to try out veganism again its been a while and i already basically eat vegan but not as hardcore as i used too.

Maybe has something to do with the fact im reading skinny bitch right now which describes in detail what goes into and the process of meat & Dairy, its disgusting. Its one thing if you live on a farm and raise your food as apposed to mass processing plants.

I do like to know what im putting in my mouth. I have been cooking allot these days. I do like the ritual of riding my bike to various markets downtown and using my detachable basket for my items.

What are you reading this week?

ANd what is your favorite thing to eat this week?

Mine is still babycakes for treats,so freakin good & Eat your veggies at Nickle Diner Yum…