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Archive | January, 2010

Searching for wallpaper.

In a few weeks i will be moving out of the apartment i have lived in for over seven years in West Hollywood, to my favorite place in LA Downtown. And even better 1/2 block from my office this move will make my life very different and i am positive even more productive and motivated.

There is the whole redecorating thing with i expect will take months but that’s the fun part of moving.

And change is generally good.

Anyway in my search of wall paper for the new living room i found so many cool wallpapers.

ONe artist i though was really cool is Aimee Wilder. I love the Analog and robot wallpapers.



I think ill be going with the flocked silver & black, i have always loved velvet wallpaper.

One of my friend growing up lived in an old Victorian and every room had velvet wallpaper.

Has anyone seen these besides me?

Some of my favorite 80’s movies. Im i the only one who loves these movies?

Terror Vision

Ruben & Ed (this one is early 90s ,i know)

Liquid Sky

Cat From Outer Space (1978)

Why is everyone obsessed with Jersey Shore? From what ive seen those people look like a bunch of idiots. But maybe im missing something, well i am, ever watching that show.

Friends with you & Me


While in Miami for this past Art Basel we stopped in to visit our friends ,Friends with you and check out their new store. Not only is this Miami based design team incredibly talented designers they are the nicest guys ever.

Thank you for your hospitality Sam & Tury and for being super awesome in general.

I loved their store and not only did i leave with a bag of treats i bought myself a beautiful print. I saw it and had to have it instantly.

If you dont know friends with you maybe you should.

fwy3fwy1fwy2printMy Print!!!

garyturry1Tury & Gary


gary sad bearLater on gary is a sad bear.

Blustery Day In LA & New Samples!

Today started out as a rain storm. Which i actually love because it never rains for long in Los Angeles. After a good strong rain the streets are clean and the sky looks clear(which also does not happen often).

Gary Baseman hosted his weekly artist breakfast at his house this time which was tasty. I always love going over there because of the visual stimulation, and also i love Gary and its always really nice to see him.

Then i picked up more screens for new prints which youll be seeing here and on my site this and next week.

I made a few new samples today.

1d21da2I loved printing these big skulls.

I will be shooting a tutorial how to silkscreen next week for anyone who cares. I have a little four color press but will show you on a flat board too so you can do it at home for relatively cheap.

Let me know if you want to learn anything else. I can show you how to sew a garment together , i dont know if that is interesting or not.

BUt let me know.


Pin Ups coming soon

Im just working on my repeat for my new pinup textile. It will be black on solid fabric. What colors do you think i should print it one?

Im thinking red & baby pink.

pinupprintThe girls will be about 6″ big…

Im having fun working on my new line. Ill have samples done by next week and then will be adding new items to the store a few days after that 🙂