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Paranormal romance books my favorite past time of late.

I have been reading a bunch of paranormal romance lately thanks to my friend Christine who recommends me books , my kindle, and being a little bit of an escapist lately.

I prefer reading trashy books to watching trashy television.


Black Dagger Brotherhood

I just finished the Black dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward which was a new take on vampires and their advassaries although the adversaries smelled like baby powder hm mm pretty scary and they cant get boners but the vampires can.

The lingo is at times painful,(I’m not a fan of abbreviations) & there are probably some of the worst similes I have ever read, the women wear allot of scrunchies and turtlenecks and there are allot of sex scenes which is OK but REALLY too drawn out for my taste at one point a character refers to a mans testicles as his potent sac which made me laugh out loud in embarrassment , oh and the Brotherhood standard uniforms are a little leather man matrix for me but besides that i read all seven books in a few weeks so i was definitely entertained enough to read them all , but only because i could download them instantly i don’t think i would have walked into a book store and bought them.


Night Huntress

This week i am reading The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost I am book three and started reading them three days ago.

Its totally campy and entertaining full of drama,action,sexual tension and silliness.

Cat is a half vampire half human who hunts vampires in search of finding her father the vampire who raped her mother .She is an amateur until she meets Bones a 200+ year old  bounty hunting  vampire who she forms an unlikely arrangement with .

Of course it turn into a romance and that’s the first book.

I recommend these for an entertaining quick read.

I am liking them as much as The Twilight books.


Southern Vampire Mysteries

Third i finished The southern vampire mysteries series by Charlaine Harris a while ago but since they fit into this category. They are the books the True Blood HBO show is based on.

These about the waitress Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire boyfriend Bill Compton. Vampires have recently been allowed to come out in the open, living on synthesized blood; the party line is that vampirism is a severe allergy to garlic and sunlight, but as some people find out, they are really supernatural and there are many more supernatural beings around. Sookie herself is telepathic, which she mostly considers a nuisance: her attraction to Bill is partly that she can not read his thoughts, and therefore can have a “normal” relationship with him.

I loved this series i liked all the different supernatural characters, shape shifters,werewolves,vampires and all the back stories and their cultures and hierarchy.

6a00e551ab25c1883300e553d3718d8834-320wiPS Anyone thinking about getting a Kindle I LOVE mine!! Its one of my favorite things pretty much ever. You can have a book downloaded in 20 seconds.

Healthy Eating In Los Angeles

For quite a few years i had a very strict diet due to health reasons vegan turned to vegetarian and now i eat fish. I found a few places that are still my favorites after 8 years.

Mako is sort of a nondescript small Japanese place that serves basics. California rolls, Yakisoba,teriyaki asst items, most things come with soup & salad and pretty much everything on the menu is under $5


1820 North Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027 – (323) 660-1211

Govinas is next to the Krishna Temple and below the gift shop has a vegetarian and vegan buffet that is all you can eat for $7 or by weight.

Generally my meals have always been around $4 healthy clean food for a reasonable price is hard to come by.

Govindas Natural Foods

3764 Watseka Avenue • Los Angeles, California • 90034 • 310-836-1269


Native foods is one of my all time favorite places to eat. It is in Westwood and is all vegan super delicious and has a pretty big menu.

The Lavender lemonaid is my favorite.

Average meal is $10-$12

Native Foods

Westwood Village 1110 1/2 Gayley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 209-1055


those are just three of my favorite places to eat i figures allot of people are on a budget right now and since they are all reasonably priced why not go out to eat 🙂

And Eating healthy always feels better in the long run.

Native Foods & Minky Minkerton

Native Foods I love you

I was raised in Santa Cruz mainly on whole and organic foods.  And so my early eating habits have rolled over into my adult life. Probably a main  reason i am 37 and do not look my age.

One of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles is Native Foods in Westwood.

Super yummy vegan food.

Audrey Morgan and i like to go on Dates. Tonight we went to native foods.

And they brought me belated birthday cupcakes from Crumbs. 

IMG_0067IMG_0070Audrey was going to a party i was going back home to clean my art desk.

New Hair and Hair stylist

I kind of bounce around with hairstylists. My favorite one lives in Santa Cruz and i have had a hard time finding someone in LA who i can go to on a regular basis. Plus i have hair crisis sometimes its like when your in a creative rut.

I have been dying my hair crazy colors since i was 12 years old. And i got sick of it and thought i should give it a reast until i could grow it out naturally and then have blond and pink again 🙂

Anyway long story short. I dyed my hair brownish and got the WORST haircut of all time by a girl at Floyds my friend who colored it tried to fix it but it was hideous. Short and super short bangs. I have a few calics so short bangs just do not work on me.

SO then my good friend Michelle recommended her new friend Krystal.

Krystal did my extensions and gave me a super cute hair cut. She is amazing and really cute and sweet.

And her rates are extermelly reasonable. Its actually very hard to find some one who can do extensions and then give you a good hair cut with them.

Most people leave you with long stupid hair haha

Anyway check her out.

Heres some her work.

l_1f89a56968df43fc915e458ace74ddbdRaquel Reed Styling

l_7e196421ad5540909c165995dbf3a15bRaquel Reed Styling and hair pieces

l_9693645537364a0c81a8c4728e065195Meagan Styling & Clip in Extensions

l_690ade3f508b49ce8a2e91f6ff270983Jessica Louise Hair extensions & cut

l_a7d4f18e5b5b44e98fe26b5f48bed518Krystal 🙂

Art Basel & Home again

Of course the second i get home i have a cold. But for my first trip to Art Basel i had a really wonderful time. I met a ton of incredibly talented amazing people and went to quite a few fun events and art fairs.

I will be writing a long description of all the things we did and saw but for now heres a few images of the events we went to.

1abDrawing Gary Baseman did of Natalia and i at dinner.

7abTury & Gary Baseman at Friends with You where they gave us a big bag of presents and i bought a beautiful print for my bedroom.

I love Friends with You!! Thank you Sam & Tury.

2abDrawing Gary & Tury Did for Natalia,Angelique,and I

3abBeautiful & Talented Natalia Fabia, Greg Escalante, And Super Talented Artist/Photographer Adam Wallacavage

4abNatalia & Rob Clayton

8abBeautiful Natalia with lovely and Talented Tara McPherson

9abNatalia,Greg & I

IMG_2335The Claytons & Lance Armstrong featuring random lady.

16242_190979039899_509644899_3046783_5905280_nLiz Mc Grath & I

13abNatalia,Gary,Me,Mark Murphy

11151_212761642153_697272153_4052545_3386956_nNatalia & I in Standard pool photo by:Adam Wallacavage

More Photos by adam on the Jonathan Levine Gallery Blog!