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Archive | November, 2009

Michelle and her on going photo project.


Michelle Star & Artist Callowlily have been working on their collaboration recreation of each others artwork for over two years now

this is another amazing recreation via michelle.

Featuring Actress Taylor Scout Compton.

I made the hair piece bows and panties for this project.

Model: Actress Scout Taylor-Compton
Photo/Styling: MichellexStar
Hair/Makeup: Krystal Kaos
Accessories Hair/Bow/Undies: Jessica Louise

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Jessica Louise

Germany Tattoo Magazine Cover..and vampirates

Not of me 🙂 But the lovely Makani Terror. Shes a sweety pie. Thats my dress shes wearing. Photo Michelle Star

tatowiermagazinAnd Michelle creating Vampirates.

xIMG_0234xxChris Motionless in White in custom shirt i made for him.

xIMG_1439xMegan Massacre in winter sweetheart top

Why hate LoL Cats?

7930_1242302383965_1421490440_672144_7116522_nIf there was a god he would NOT hate LOLCATS


9334_1231842482474_1421490440_644927_1264036_nI think Jesus would find that really unnecessary.

9334_1235663137988_1421490440_654749_3307105_nDear Person who wrote this,Safe bet your the only one.

10852_1255183585987_1421490440_709860_2838551_nYou are majestic and wish would model in my next photoshoot part 70’s  smooth talking deal maker part lion man.

Next Tuesday is my birthday your invited to dinner lionman.

Uncle Creepies

I think everyone has some sort of uncle creepy in their lives. Related or not. They try to hug you just a little too long , or want to touch your hair. Maybe they just creep you out with an extended look or a blatant stare.

These guys are prime U.C status.







Nobody wants to sit on your lap. And 12 dice are cool but not in your pocket.