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Halloween Photo courtesy of Michelle!

xIMG_8371xMarta From Bleeding Through

Photo:Michelle Star Garments:Jessica Louise MU:Shandra Jade

Jessica Louise & Gothic Beauty!

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Food Fetish?

Waiting for my flight home the guy next to me was having a photo shoot with his croissant
literally he took like 8-10 photos of it in every pose and angle.
He must really be into baked goods.


Meow Meow Hello Kitty Birthday Party..

Pink and glitter and magical. The art show especially. I shot lots of video clips which i will piece together and add photos just as soon as i get back from a mini trip over the weekend.

There were lots of my favorite artist in attendance, Kimora lee simmons was there,umm that blond girl who needs to have a reality show to find a best friend,Beautiful and ever so lovely Tarina Tarantino and many more exciting people im sure but so used to wearing lovely flat shoes to work seven days a week my heels were killing me after a few hours and i have a 6am flight.

SO funny video and manyphotos quite soon. Photos probably sooner than later.

Check out all the fun events  this week and through the next few weeks@ Royal T in celebration of Hello Kitty and her 35 years. She doesnt look a day over three 🙂

Ahhh i never chew gum. really embarrassing that i was.. Sorry about that.

Click here for more info on upcoming events and workshops

and check out the venue

92296256Not a fan of getting my picture taken obviously.


92295439oh your too young to be a wrinkle bag. I hope you find a new BFF soon.
Checkout the million photos from Getty Images there were allot of very fancy cute people at the party.

Hello Kitty Getty Images

And more coverage:

arrested motion

The Hundreds

Ronys Photo Booth


IMG_4025Hello Kitty and mini kittys

IMG_4047Lovely Jaime (japan LA) & Audrey Kitching

IMG_4084Super sexy Natalia Fabia and the ultimate classy lady and pr wizard Angelique Groh

IMG_3997Natalia Fabia,Buff monster, Me, Gary Baseman


IMG_3975Me & the Helfords <3

IMG_3973Me & Natalia 1


IMG_3956Amazing HK doll dress

IMG_3942Audrey,JL in Hello Kitty Apartment interview for Buzznet

IMG_3930Me And the Minkerton

IMG_3918Tim Biscup 🙂


Organize virutally in reality, and a pink haired pirate.

Ive just spend the better part of the day finding all my illustrator graphics redoing many of them and giving them all style numbers.

My clerical/ organizational skills are in need of a huge adjustment..So i got one important thing done today and now that its formatted ill just add and update.

For my break i went to one of my old favorite places to eat when i was vegan.

Govindas dinner cost $5 and is healthy and delicious. And actually around the corner from there is a really good vegetarian indian take out the masala dosa is freakin amazing.

Dinner is also around $5-$6 there.

In case your in culver city and want fast food pricing on healthy good food.

I made a pink haired pirate girl for my recently daily graphic kick ive been on. I like her.

What should her name be?