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Holy Crap & Check her out!!

The last week i have had the weirdest sleep schedule. I have been working on new designs and trying to be inspired while not feeling creative which is a conundrum. SO as my usual the only time i can work on graphics is alone and late at night.

The last three nights i have not been in bed before 7am and today did not get to take a nap until 4pm. SO im tired and that is why no blogs.

However i do promise newer and cuter merch for fall as i think i have broken though my creative block.

I promise to go out and have at least one exciting adventure this week that will be noteworthy.

In the meantime check out this artist from France.

l_1d677b8049ac4ce2a3d952e4d51feea24592_87392813770_781953770_1773686_Ever so cute in one of my dresses 🙂

Beautiful and talented Miss Ciou

Home & back to work….

I took a few days off and went up to my home town last week. With many activities planned. My friend and amazing hairstylist Emily Irby got rid of the black and gave me a shorter haircut (no more black hair for me ever) , i visited with friends i havent seen in far to many years, and got tattooed by my favorite Juan Puente @ Blackheart tattoo in San Francisco.

Oh and went to see David Sedaris give a reading at a local bookshop in Capitola which was really fun, he was pretty hilarious.

Its always nice to get away from LA.

Now im back and have allot of designing and catching up to do. Im working on my next Hot Topic collection as well as fall for my website. I did go out last night an visited Michelle which was extra nice since i havent seen her in a while.

ximg_3778Michelle & I


ximg_3782Michelle, Josh, Me.

Like Totally.

Awesome alright like totally freak me out i mean right on. I love Bring it on. Non related to this post however. I live and was born and raised in California. Here people say the work LIKE allot. Some more than others. “You know i was like on my way to get a coffee and he ran right over my toe, like how rude is that?”
Well besides it making many Californians sound as if they all came from the Valley in the 80’s as my friend Stacy once said to me ” can you try not to say the work like so much it makes you sound dumb”
I do try to catch and stop myself from using that accursed word that so easily fits in as a substitute for the proper word when you cannot think of what that should be, or are just to lazy to think about it for that millisecond before it comes out of your mouth.
This week all my fellow Californians who are guilty of abusing the word like.
Try to keep it out of conversation you will see how much you use it.

Girlfriend remix

Custom hoodie (Avril) , socks,sock pins, hand painted shoes, backround dancer tops (2 girls) = ME

Sex Bomb.

When i first moved to Los Angeles i knew three people. Brody was one of them, (and the only person that helped me move into my first apartment here.) It is nice to see her in another project.

She was an amazing force in the Distillers and her new project is transcendental.

Spinnerette: Wednesday June 24th @ the Troubadour.