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Juxtapoz Cameo :)


jux1Sean and I at the Chris Anthony show, allong with many other people look Dave & Brittany were there too 🙂 Thanks Juxtapoz  & Angelique for putting me in the pop life section yet again.

I feel so pop-ular.

Monster Kung-FU whip.

n1421490440_276362_3577156No joke don’t even think about challenging these guys to a chop off. They always win.

It is Saturday and i have been at work since 7am, i am determined to be caught up this week because i need to go out of town.

megaro_higmk_hiIn one of my grade schools ( we moved allot) we occasionally had movie day, where we would all go into the cafeteria and they would play random movies for everyone & GODZILLA AND MOTHRA: THE BATTLE FOR EARTH was one of these movies. In retrospect what a weird choice for a bunch of young  kids, but That school Alianza was very progressive and amazing.

They also had fresh tamales for lunch once a month. It was a bilingual school so i learned everything in english and spanish although today i am not bilingual  i expect if i re-learned Spanish it would not be as hard as being an adult and starting from scratch.

Sadly New Jersey is more progressive than California….

California Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8 today, banning same-sex marriages. Very sad news indeed. What threat does it pose to conservatives and religious fundamentalist that two people who love each other and want to commit their lives to each other regardless of sex should be able to do so.

Its a civil right issue and denying people inherent human rights just puts us on a backwards track.

There are few truly joyous things in life love being one of them.

It is ok to have a difference of opinion. You may not support same sex marriage but how would you feel if all gay people voted to take away one of your rights and it passed.

How would you feel if one of your freedoms were taken away?

Remember women and African Americans did not even have the right to vote not so far in the past. Its on that level of injustice.

It saddens me that so many people are so narrow minded.

Beautiful girls have teal & blond hairs…..

Well they have other color hair too but for this week, Miss Raquel Reed & Mandy Murphy are extra cute. Thanks girls & Michelle for being my traveling photo wizard.


Cupcake and bear tank , sequin bows in store now Skirts June 1st.

ximg_9434Gloves in store now.

Laser face, modern Dermatology & I love IPL

When i was younger i used to run around in the sun with most of the time zero sunscreen. So i ended up with allot of sunspots and they have really been bugging me, esp since i dont really like wearing makeup during the week but do feel a bit self conscious since my skin is not exactly perfect.
Anyway i talked to my dermatologist about having IPL. Basically they smear a bunch of cream all over your face for 20 minutes and then removed it before they laser off your spots.
Which include redness or broken blood vessels as well.
Most of the other places i called and asked questions about IPL quoted me $800 per treatment and 4-6 sessions before any results.
My dermatologist is $500 per treatment and i saw results after the first time. I went last July and then again two weeks ago.
My skin is nearly perfect and looks amazing!!!
Literally IPL took ten years of sun damage off my face.
Anyway thats my story. Any one in LA should go to my DR.

Dr. Liu practices at 200 N. Robertson Blvd., Suite 202, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. His telephone number is (310) 385-3300 and his fax is (310) 385-3366.
In case you dont know what IPL is:
Intense Pulsed Light

Over time, as our skin is daily exposed to the damaging effects of the sun and toxins in our environment, signs of aging develop. The face may start to show wrinkles, fine lines, spots of discoloration, and abnormal redness. Unlike the skin of our youth, as we get older, the face and other exposed areas begin to show variation in color and texture. Various procedures are available to help restore the look and feel of youthful skin. IPL Photofacial is a very safe and popular procedure that does just that.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photofacial is a minimally invasive procedure that uses high-intensity broadband light, similar to a laser, to preferentially treat abnormal colored elements in the skin. Rosacea and tiny spider veins that develop especially on the nose and cheekbones are an excellent target of Photofacials. Sunspots that build up in sun-exposed areas, especially the face, the shoulders and upper chest also respond very well to IPL treatment.

Intense pulsed light devices have become very popular in the last 10 years for photo-rejuvenation of skin, as well as hair removal. They are similar to lasers in the intensity of the light but different in that the light is of a broad spectrum rather than a single wavelength. At TMD Medispa, we use the Palomar Starlux for IPL Photofacials.