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Whats cuter than cute?

If you are having one of those days and just need to laugh or want to view amazingly cute animals you must visit the cutest blog ever!!!!

MORE!!!! of my collection for HT is finally in!!!

They finally started adding more of the new collection on Hot Topics Website!!!

Click here to check it out!!!!!
They rest of the collection should be up by the weekend, YAY!!! I think they are still adding sizes so if yours is not up it should be soon.

Click here to check it out!!!!!

Gary Baseman Show/ Multi Media Event



If you are going to come to any show this year you MUST put this one on your list. I cannot ruin the multitude of surprises and visual adventures you will be guarantied at this event, so you will just have to come and view them for your own self.

Saturday May 2nd at The Corey Helford Gallery


hickeycostume72skeletoncostume72You will meet these girls.

Garys show was AMAZING really a crazy circus. If you want to check out some of the guest photos got to:


Or More Photos and and excellent synopsis of the event:

Rose Apodaca


Garys Hench ladies.

ronysMe & Toby

img_6937Gary & I

23462559eNatalia Fabia & Mark Ryden Photo: Angelique Groh

23462842eSkeleton girl,bat hickey girl and bubble girl. Photo: Angelique Groh

Costume Designed from Gary Baseman Illustrations by 2 time Emmy winning costume designer Wendy Benbrook.

All costumes and characters exicution also Wendy Benbrook.

Cheeseburger Shaped Cakes are the best pt 2 and an adorable kitten.

OK i have been swamped at work and have not had any adventures to write about this week at all. However it was Seans birthday and i had this amazing cake made to celebrate 🙂


It was chocolate and delicious.

kittyKittens in sweaters are just adorable. Esp this tiny jerkface.

OK i do promise updates and news by the end of the week.

Whats grosser than gross? and boring repeat pepeat…

I have been sick and then working non stop everyday trying to catch up. SO Have not been inspired one bit to write or blog. I get up i get dressed i go to work i come home, repeat. I have been riding my bike to the train which takes me downtown to work lately. And there is always some type of amazing human specimen to view.

I think with age i have become more and more OCD. I do not like touching things a billion other people touch daily, like elevator buttons (plus Sean told me he saw some dude spitting directly on to the elevator call button in our building), flatwear in restaurants,door handles, whatever other similar items.

Anyway i was riding the train home from downtown with headphone (as usual) Three stops from mine a group of 20 something boys get on, clean cut normal looking regular guys and also a long super greasy bear & hair vagrant guy gets on as well. The vagrant is drinking Joose alcoholic energy drink some sort of purple flavor.

All of a suddend V & RG strike up a conversation which i dont hear because im too busy listening to OS mUtantes my usual train home music. Said conversation turns to V handing over his beverage to RG who takes a huge swig off of it.

Maybe i am just really conservative OCD suffering weirdo but i would never take a swig off a homeless persons hooch.

Fucking Gross.

Os Mutantes one of my favorites bands..