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Archive | February, 2009

Surprise packages,topless mannequins & sheep faces

If you are my friend and live some where other than the same city i live in chances are you have received some sort of package from me. In fact even if you have just ever ordered something from my website generally you will find some extra little surprise in your package.

I am a huge fan of sending mail ironically i pretty much never receive it back. Probably why i love getting random ebay or amazon items. I love to send post and am always excited to receive it.

So yesterday i received a small package from my friend Shigetomo including a amazing handmade doll of one of his characters!!!! Hooray.

Check him out.

mgxI like to ride the train and actually the bus as well. Traffic in Los Angeles sucks and would rather sit and not be driving touretting at other drivers for an hour a day. Its not that funny but at one of the shops i walk by the mannequin has been topless for days.

Quite indecent.

toplessAnd this i just found on my desktop. Every september they have a county fair in Santa Cruz ( like most towns across the US) my favorites are the racing pigs, biggest agriculture items, peoples collections, and sheep faces.


One of my Favorite Illustrators…

Every once in a while you are graced with the good fortune of finding a new favorite or in this case a constant favorite.

If you haven’t already heard of this artist be sure to check him out .

Chris Conn Askew the purveyor of beautiful imagery. I love every piece of his artwork. He also did most of my tattoos before he retired from that aspect of his life. Sad for me and the rest of the world. If you are lucky you will own one of his prints.

perhaps visit: and see what you can find.




Freelance and International project suggestions???

I am looking to do some freelance , collaboration or some sort of new adventure overseas any ideas any one? Ive just noticed i get visitors from many different lands lately reading my blogs, So i thought id ask. Im always looking for new projects.

I was planning to visit Germany over the late summer and do an in store event at Unlike.

Let me know if anybody has any other suggestions.

Tonight i am working on paperwork and organizing very dull. I did just get a parcel of 45’s i won on ebay. Two really good lots one all Undertones and one mixed reggae ive never seen or owned. Mostly Bob Marley , Toots and Peter Tosh.

So while i work i have my little record player next to the computer and am listening to my new records.


Strawberry & I from Hooker Safari Show by : Natalia Fabia

Skate & Destroy and classy lady actresses

My two new logos tshirt inspirations. The first person who  guessed where the girl came from or who she is you won this tshirt and matching vinyl sticker.

Andria you are the best guesser!!!

Anna Karina is the actress.

I will be doing weekly contests with prizes so check back & join the blog for updates.



This other one well old skate t’s and a little black flag. I did grow up in Santa Cruz during the 80’s after all.

Both now available on my website.

Modeled by : Brittany Bao Photo by: Michelle X Star

Kittens Inspired by Kittens.

Allie showed me this today. The narration is very good.

Still adding lost images. Im quite unorganized, i already knew this but really i should keep things in folders for each of my online adventue updates.

Next time if everything gets errased i will be prepared. So…