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Archive | January, 2009

Discount for you….

Oh love i did not forget you….

I had a music tragedy which disabled me from looking at an LP for about 6 years. But i think i am over it and since my next project will involve music i am excited to search for records again.

It was always the thrill of the hunt for me but if you know what you are looking for my favorite website is


You can alost find anything on there.

Im feeling inspired.

Walking through the past and straight into the future.



Ive always been in the mindset of letting the bad things of the past stay in the past and work for a better future with lessons learned. Sometimes is hard not to get pissed off and resentful but really whats the point?

Stress causes cancer and illness i’m not interested in either of those in my life for as long as i can avoid them.

blahhhhhhhhh …

I read the newspaper today and it made me happy. There were actually positive things to report, how unusual. huh.

OK im off to bed i feel a bit morose.

Sort of new and exciting.

I added some new hair accessories to my store. It is just some of the ones i did for Hot Topic that sold out.
Two for $8 🙂


I know times are tight but..

Even if you can donate even $5 to these pals it would help out allot. My favorite Animal Hospice has just rescued some very badly abused Chihuahuas and they help with the rehabilitation.

Click Here for more info: Angels Gate