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Archive | December, 2008

Favorite Client photo of the week..

Cute girls in Germany Love pancakes too.


New Computers are the best.

After working on a super slow old Mac at the office today my new computer arrived!!! It just makes life a little less frustrating.

One of my personal heroes Mrs. Elva Miller. Proof that if you really want to do something you can even if you are not that good at it. haha. Its the passion for your ambitions that make the difference.

Remodeling makes it bearable a little longer….

I live in West Hollywood on the corner of a very busy street and one block down from Sunset Blvd. In fact chateau marmont is at the end of my block & jason schwartzman is at the end of the block as well.

Or at least he has been maybe he moved , i havent seen him in a while, but i don’t leave much except to go to work lately so i see little of anyone.

Anyway so i live in a funny vintage apt complex and mine faces the street and traffic and loud gay men singing rocket man at 4 am on the weekends.

It noisey and sometime i hate it.

But ive been here six years and my rent is ridiculously cheap for the area.

So remodeling ones space makes it more appealing. Sean retiled the entire kitchen and is repainting it as well.

I started redoing my art area. And have a load more putting away,throwing away and rearanging.

But it almost like a whole new place which makes it bearable until a giant purchase or the perfect rental.


My Drawing table w/ favorite books and junk to view while im working 🙂



Sailor licker face.


Sean in a giant clam.


If you want it better get it…

Ok Girls, I’m starting to get desperate emails about Hot Topic merch. I did NOT receive stock on this stuff so if there is something you want from that collection you’ll have to buy it from them. Once its gone its gone forever.

If its online check your local Hot Topic.

Happy new Years everyone.

Click image for my Hot Topic Collection. In stores for a limited time only.

Family is what you make it.

Felling nostalgic for my home town after spending a few days over the holiday made me really think about my family and what family means to me.
I am the person I am because of my mother and my extended family.
I was raised by an eclectic band of incredible creative people.
People who surrounded me while I grew up and who are still in my life to this day.
I was encouraged to be my own person and to make my own path in life.
I was raised by a single mother and abandoned by my father as baby.
My mother’s family lived (and still does lives) on the East Coast.
My father’s family, aside from two people made me feel like a ghost my whole life.
Never good enough or just not quite there at all.
Sometimes its just a few people that make your life special and maybe allot of the time they are not even related to you.
I am grateful for the small family I do have.
For having the most wonderful grandfather for the time he was here on earth.
And to my Sean and wonderful pets for making me smile most of the day everyday.
This year I am going to make sure the people in my life I appreciate all know how much I love them.
That’s all for now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I am looking forward to a new year.