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Archive | November, 2008

Winter Cleaning = Ebay Listings

I am cleaning out the studio and just put up a bunch of random stuff from past collections or just random one of a kind items.

Listings start at $4.

Jessica Louise Ebay

Jessica louise is looking for new faces.

Looking for new models for future projects. I want to have a test shoot with some new girls. This will be a very quick test. In fact i will just be having girls come by my studio camera ready to take a few shots and see what your garment modeling capabilities are.

I promise 20 minutes tops this way its not a waist of either of our times. My office is locate downtown Los Angeles.

From there i will be picking girls for my personal Jessica Louise collection and for my next Hot Topic collection. We generally do TFP on full production shoots starting off. But that can be negotiated later.

What i am looking for:

Girls with prior experience preferred.

Girls who are not currently involved with semi pornographic or pay nude sites (IE: SG GG DN)

Between the ages of 16-24 Edgy and non edgy OK i am looking for soft & alternative looks

A girl who can smile & be happy looking biggest pet peeve grumpy looking models.

I am thinking test shoot in mid Dec & shoot in Mid Jan. Please contact me back if interested.

I will be getting back to people before i set the date for test. Probably Mid dec.


I dont know what it is but if i start reading a book & get into it i will not put it down. I now see what all the fuss was about Twilight. I read all four books in five days. Fantastic & creative and very sweet.

Im always in such great awe of story tellers. Its just amazing what people can create in thier minds. The good and bad i suppose.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday. I know i did.

Lots of love,



Lazy sunday & typical hollywood

Today i woke up to lovely sweet Sean bringing me in the dogs and asking to take me to the farmers market over the hill from our place.

Which was really fun. Beautiful produce and a tiny petting zoo filled with the cutest animals. Tiny goats,pigs,crazy furry chickens,and ducks.

Dave Grohl was there too.

Then we went to the Observatory atop Griffith Park, but there was not so much to observe (well outside anyway) it was so smoggy today maybe still remnants of the fires.

Driving up Hollywood Blvd we saw Bob Burnquist.

We can me home i finished my book & we went to meet Angelique for an art opening and drinks. 

At the art show Chris Parnell was there. 

What a funny day of relaxing events with random celebrity sightings. Sort of typical living in this city. Entertaining at times.

Chris Parnell is my favorite i love him on SNL .

I had a really good weekend. Which equals im going to have a fantastic week at work.

Hope everyone had fun this weekend. 

Love you guys.



Video blogs are fun.

Random us at home messing around with imovie.