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Meep-o meepazoid.


Somedays i wish i had a job that i did not have to think about everyday. I take one day off a week and still do work on that one day off. It drives Sean nuts & makes me just tired.

I do like to make stupid things in photoshop though. Here’s one page from the 120 pg book i just made for my new portfolio. I’m ready for more outlets.

Moving forward is the only direction i want to go.


Piglets in a tiger blanket.

Im not sure what it means. Did someone layout a snack for the tiger?

All day i have been sitting in my apartment drawing new designs and trying to make new graphics.

I hate having a deadline when i am not feeling very creative. Despite the bit of a block I am actually pretty happy with my start but have many hours of work ahead of me.

Once i start going i can work through anything.

I am working on my own line and a new collection for Hot Topic so im one girl who has zero social life.



I hate moving

I have so much random stuff. Im not sure why im such a pack rat but i am. Anyway we are moving the studio this week and im not looking forward to it at all.

Arts & Fundraising this friday..


Lenny and Aaron from Beautiful Losers project have organized this upcoming event to raise money and awareness for our presidential nominee, we’ve created the Barack On Obamathon. This fund raising benefit event will be held at Fresh Pressed in Los Feliz  This Friday.

October 17th  from 6-11pm.

We’ve teamed with local artists who’ve contributed pro-Obama designs for live screen-printing of shirts, garments, and posters. Artists include Max Erdenberger, Jimm Lasser, Jessica Louise, Megan McGinley, Lenny Mesina, Keith Scharwath, and more! PROCEEDS WILL GO STRAIGHT TO THE OBAMA/BIDEN CAMPAIGN TO CONTINUE RAISING AWARENESS IN THE REMAINING SWING STATES . Pricing for goods will go as follows:

$20 shirt/garment
$10 B.Y.O.T.
(bring your own T or other printable garment)
$10 poster on French paper

In addition to designs, drinks, and djs, the good folks who put on the Obama Bake Sale Fundraiser will also be in attendance to fill your appetites for change!

Thanks for your support and I hope you’ll join us in helping make a difference!

So if Obama is your candidate come on out a silkscreen your own tshirt or art print proceeds go to the Obama Biden campaign.

Fresh Pressed Click here for more info..

Obama designs by Shepard Fairey, Lenny Mesina, and Jimm Lasser.

UPDATE 10/20/08 They raised over $6000 in five hours at this event how amazing is that.

My shirt? Well, the kids loved it 🙂

Reapeat repeat…

Click image for my Hot Topic Collection. In stores for a limited time only.

They just added all the accessories to their website.