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Archive | September, 2008

Ahhh self promotion..

Well i sort of have to since that is how i make a living. And i would love to be able to work with other companies more and become a design studio and not have to sew everyday all day long.
I have become a really good sewer but would like to be doing more creative projects every day.
So that being said. This weekend we stopped by the Hot Topic in Hollywood and they just got in my accessories!! They are sort of scattered all over the store so its like a little treasure hunt.

Arrowhead Pond

And i added these tanks back to my store since people still ask.

I made this tank for Avril’s He Wasnt video and several more in different stripes.

Downtown 81 No Wave & I heart the Clash

Its sort of a doctumentary and sort of not. My favorite is the clips of DNA & The Plastics. If your a fan of No Wave and Basquiat and have not seen this movie you would probably really like it.

And then there is Don Letts Westway to the world. It is the best Clash documentary i have ever seen.

I will no i wont ok i will

I canno​t wait till tonig​ht.​ It shoul​d be inter​estin​g.​ And even more so next week.​
Ive never​ looke​d so forwa​rd to a presi​denti​al/​vice presi​denti​al debat​e.​
If you cant even multi task how the hell are you going to be president? Oh and if you cant make a decision thats a big one too.

OH and Octob​er 20th is the dedli​ne to regis​ter.​
www. rockt​hevot​e.​ com

(you can do it onlin​e)​

Get it while you can & The Stains

Click image for my Hot Topic Collection. In stores for a limited time only.

Just released for the first time ever on DVD.. Yippie.
(im a fan of B movies and i love this one)
Ladies & Gentelmen, The Fabulous Stains

Entrepreneur means work everyday.

Today i am making a book portfolio of my favorite images and all my press stuff. Maybe some art work but probably not.

I am ready to start new projects. We are moving our studio to another building very soon. Its a little smaller but a much better building and i don’t mind getting rid of stuff i don’t need to be in a happier working environment.

This next year is purely devoted to working hard moving forward and moving out of Los Angeles. I have a dream of a youth and Art center and need to start this project soon. Also Sean and i want a quieter life.

We live in a noisey city.

Hot Topic made this for the front of their website Monday. Its lovely Miss Mosh my new favorite model.

Ok back to my book project.

<3 Happy saturday people.