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We well i live in California i have been through many earthquakes. So we had one today nobody got hurt no major damages to anything yet it was on the news for about four straight hours only covering the earthquake.

I really enjoyed the many various shots that people sent in of stuff on the floor of grocery store isles, really riveting photojournalism.

But better than hearing about how Ryan Seacrest got bit by the tiniest shark in all of the shark kingdom. What an idiot.




I made this tonight messing around w/ my Hot Topic photos. Oh Audrey your just the cutest little pink & sparkly doll i know.


Hooray My New Favorite.

Shoot & Model. Mosh is the biggest fox ever! Michelle is amazing and i love the stuff i made. Featuring my scooter. Hair By Reyna @ Hairroin Salon & Make Up Shandra Jade.

Heartbreak and reinvention

Well some things never quite live up to the rosey colored fantasy i have dreamed up. But disappointments just lead to a new chance to make something better. Thats the way i like to see things anyway.

I had an amazing plan and something terrible happened. Ill just try again later when my heart heals up a little bit. And i suppose when i have my life a bit more organized.

 Jeff Baxter sent me a photo of Miss Atilla wearing a new girly slip dress. I miss the east coast. Thank you Jeff & Atilla 🙂

Hot Topic coming soon…!!!


* Note Sock Garters i just styled this outfit with they will not be @ HT only available on my website & hooray how cute are my socks!!!! (well i think they are super cute)

This will be my ad for Alternative press magazine 9/9 issue. My stuff should be in all stores by the end of August as well as a few pieces online.

I am doing project with most of the photos from the shoot so ill be adding more as i get them finished i just added backround to this one i thought it would be cute simple.

My goal for this shoot was just fun and light hearted. Everyone who worked on this shoot was amazing and Hot Topic lent us their photo studio for the day which was really helpful.

Thank you to Adurey Kitching, Natalia Fabia, And Jacqui Valentine my three muses and each an amazing person and artist in their chosen field.

Also Michelle X Star for amazing photography.

And Anna Estella Hair Shandra Jade Makeup.



Aww yeah dawg..

Yes thats right Cool as Ice Staring Vanilla Ice. Why was he ever cool? remind me ,oh yes it was this amazing movie. Not only does it say YEP YEP on his super awesome jacket but it also says SEX ME UP really stylish. The pants the shaved eyebrow the moves the whole package is just a cinematic triumph.

And what made me think of this movie? Well today i had a headache and could really do much except lay in bed and it was a miracle it just popped into my head. Probably because any time i need a good laugh this is one of my #1 choices ,seriously. It has cartoon sound effects what could be better. Oh and then there is a dance/ rap off which is also amazing.

Don’t take my word just go ahead and find out for yourself. Come on you can waste one netflix.

Living Large yep yep

Also Matt Harding is way cooler than ice.

Click here to go to his website