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18 years later..Super Fox and Skinhead=Gay Leatherman fashion.

What.! Ok that seems like a really long time looking back. That is when i got this scooter i was 17 and at the end of high school. Today it was dropped of by Gary Lee of Bar Italia Classics (thank you guys fucking rule) of Los Angeles the only real scooter repair shop and sales in Los Angeles.

I have been tinkering but if you know me you would know i have too many projects going at all times and scooter repair is low on my list of to dos.

Gary added some things i never could have and tuned it up and its running GREAT! So that was my prize for getting up at six am taking the bus downtown and scouting a location for todays shoot featuring my little Vespa 150.

Michelle X Star Photo, Reyna Hair of Hairroin Salon Hollywood, Shandra Jade MakeUp , I garments/Styling, and Mosh Model.

First time working with Mosh and i love her sweet and the ultra vixen. I can barley wait to see the photos i am so excited. The team today was perfect.

And then Tuesday lucky me i get to work with three amazing talented and beautiful women. I am kind of nervous about this shoot because my idea is conceptual and depends on my relaxed style of artistry to pop everything out

But what is life worth without its challenges?.

Ok another topic. When did Skinhead become gay fashion? I mean i always though they were a little homo-erotic but wasn’t aware it was a trend.

I took this photo one of three window displays of skinhead fashions belonging to the most hardcore leather man shop i have been in so far. “Why were you in a leather man gay sex store Jessica” “Well i thought maybe they would have Merc or cool Ben Sherman to get for Sean.” The polite walrus mustached muscle man did give me a what the hell are you doing in her look when i walked in.

Anyway i thought it was hilarious.

Ok happy Saturday everyone im taking it easy tonight. Ill have one day off and a long week of amazing projects.


Its pretty silly but i have always wanted to do socks and today i just approved my first two ever for HT! They are really cute im super excited. Pretty much the highlight of my day which actually was pretty bad.

Ok one more highlight ill have my Vespa back tomorrow and you will see it via photos to follow. I am doing a shoot with Mosh who is a fox on Saturday….

AND shoot for the HT stuff on Tues @ HT Corporate which is incredible. My favorite models /people Audrey Kitching <3 , Natalia Fabia <3×2 and Miss Jacqui of Civet will be in all the material for this first round of press stuff.

I have to get up early so goodnight.




I am a sufferer of migraines and so that was the start of my day me in bed with a pillow over my head and Sean doing everything he could to make me feel better (what a dream boat). But hooray it went away and i actually did get to go to work and get some things done. I picked up a production job of rabbit hoodies, they are cute stipe hood liner rabbit all over print with facing and heart zipper pockets. But they are missing something so actually right now im designing a few patches to ad.

Well im taking a break to update you on this oh so very interesting news flash and insight to my exciting days events.


Today on the news newscasters that look like high class hookers, oh wait thats everyday. And a teacher gets fired for being a wizard. Yes that was a report too bad it was total BS because that would have been really funny.

Hope you all had a migraine free day and maybe you’ll like my hoodies when Im done with them ūüôā

Oh heres a flyer i made w/ some of my HT cads…. The stuff is going to be so cute!!! I even will have my own socks !!!

Ladies and gentelmen presenting the fabulous stains…

I sometimes put movies on my pre-order list just in case they might ever get released on DVD this is one of my favorite movies and today i got a pre-order alert from Amazon!!! Hooray its not out till sept but still…. Its a total B movie but its amazing, well to me anyway..

I found a video about it for your viewing pleasure. Its in Two parts FYI.

Random review i found:
Directed by Lou Adler
Containing: Diane Lane, Ray Winstone, Peter Donat, David Clennon, Laura Dern. 1981


“We’re not gonna take it!” This landmark 80’s punk classic co-written by Jonathan Demme, obviously sparked the “riot-grrrl” movement of the early-90’s, yet somehow the film has never been released on vhs or DVD. An all-girl punk band (featuring Diane Lane & Laura Dern) run away from home, stick it to the male-dominated punk scene, and then find themselves in the middle of the media-crazed world they had hated in the first place. Flat 35mm print.





Anyway .. Blah,blah,blah

Sometimes i think i have a mild non obscene form of tourettes. Ha ha, well somedays more than others.

Am i supposed to be writing about fashion on this blog? Well it is fun and distracting. I am working everyday on new ideas and graphics which is always good. Creativity=moving forward to the next thing.

Are you guys coming to my studio on saturday? I have allot of random good stuff. We need to make room for new items .

I am working on becoming less of a pack rat.

I have way to many things,pieces of paper with doodles, one sock of a pair, fabric, soaps,one shoe missing a mate and containers for organizing that are full of mic things. Oh this is at home mostly not at the studio its actually pretty nice there.

Im discarding all the previous items mentioned i dont know why they are even here.

Sean is in charge that’s why.

Ok , well. Until another time.

Have a good night.

<3 u JL


Oh and how beautiful is Bernie Dexter! She sent me this photo of her wearing my crystal skull hair bow.

She’s the sweetest.

Check out her website :