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Murphy’s law

After a long week of sewing i had competed my job. Boxed it up and called for a pick up but they said we had to drop it off to fill out proper paperwork(overseas order) so we get in the car to drop off the shipment and a production job.

Bumper to bumper traffic ant 5pm our car starts gushing transmission fluid. We turn around back to the office into the parking spot and go inside to call a rental place.

They pick us up give us a car and by the time we actually get in the car the rental guy has taken off leaving us with a vehicle on Empty with bad brakes and the check engine light on.

That was my anything that can go wrong will go wrong day.

I was glad to finally make it home. Now i have to go and deal with my vehicle and a new rental as well.



Best Week ever!

Oh why? Just  because on Sunday i get to see Flight of The Conchords. They pretty much are my favorite humans at the moment.  Thank you Erik you are my hero.

I would have writen a really greatly entertaining blog about some retarded thing i found searching around on the internet the last two days but i havent had any free random search time since all i have been doing is sewing and being tired after sewing.

I fell asleep on the massage table while watching the new Andromeda Strain last night (its actually really good im still a fan of the original though). Oh i got a massage table because it feels great to lay on after a long day and i am a fan of giving Sean foot and leg rubs.

Some Favorite movies: Times Square, ladies and gentlemen presenting the fabulous stains, Omega Man, Soylent Green, Terror Vision, Repulsion, Liquid Sky, fahrenheit 451,Goonies, thats all i can think of right now.

Hey your top notch you readers of my rants.




BIggest Mustache ever….google search usa

Yes i was searching that title. I like fancy mustaches i think they are amazing. If ever i see a gentleman with a fancy waxed mustache i always have to give them a compliment.

I guess because my childhood dentist Dr. Thompson had one and he was fantastic.


Damn two more and he could be stripeosaurus octostache.


A bit extreme but quite creative.

I think the red vest featuring a man with mustache & a man with beard plus array of flare and tiny stuffed sheep sticking out of the pocket is a really nice touch.

Clear & Bright

Even though i worked most of the day i still got to enjoy the amazing clear sky and air of Los Angeles. Very unusual for here believe me. It makes the city a brighter place to live when the sky is blue and clear.
I am looking forward to this next week. Finishing projects that are overdue,starting new ones, and an upcoming group show at my favorite gallery.

OH and maybe if im lucky Flight of the conchords, i love them.

Group show friday night at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City…..
Please come if you are in the greater Los Angeles area…

My mom is extra cute.

Mom 1972 

How do you pick your battles?

In a world of self absorption and vanity where can the individual that is us all each begin to pick one thing selfless to fight for? Every day it seems like there is some new horror story on the news in the computer , the papers, TV,… its overwhelming some days. For me it has been always the most heart breaking news of humans throwing away other creatures with no regard to their right to exist or to proper care and if necessary proper deaths. A few weeks ago i was watching the news and three stories in a row appeared.

One:A few children decided it would be an excellent idea to set fire to a stray dog in their suburban neighborhood it did not die but was severely damaged. Rescued by a neighbor.


Next: chicken farmers infiltrated by an undercover animal rights activist and video footage of torture of these animal absolute and with no question the cruelest treatment they could inflict just short of death. Just because your job is to make eggs or be a chicken wing does not mean you should be tortured your whole life.


Third: Recession has caused many problems people are loosing their homes , jobs, gas is going up many bad unfortunate things. This story was about how when people were unable to pay their morgages and were forced to leave their homes they just went ahead and left their animals behind as well. This was not just the goldfish,cats or dogs but horse and large animals. If its too hard for you to pick up the phone to have a rescue pick up and place your animal dont keep animals.


Today i was watching a news report about Horses being sold for meat. Race horses specifically and after they had lost one race in some cases they were sold for a few hundred dollars to people who take them out of the country because its illegal in the USA (Canada , Mexico) just outside the border slaughter them and return with the quartered meat for sale to an over seas market. These are not old sick horses they are Thoroughbred race horses. One horse had won over 250,000 in prize money for his owner but lost his last race and was sold for meat. The inspiration of this blog and this last story was a woman who went to the auctions and buys hundreds of these horses takes them to her ranch and places them in homes where they will be cared for an loved.


I just have the deepest most profound respect and admiration for anyone that would make such sacrifices to support a cause like this and be an activist.

I am still searching for my cause. I do my best to be a role model for young girls. Create things that will make people feel good about themselves and happy while they are wearing them.

Also to maintain the highest degree of ethics i am capable of. But these are very small things and at the end of the day don’t leave much of a mark..

The last story on the news after the three in a row was about a couple who kept a goat heard and takes them all up and down the California coast. They were here in Los Angeles working at the Getty Center clearing brush in the a natural ultimately Eco friendly goat way. If you don’t know about goats well they are excellent at eating through pretty much anything. It made me love The Getty even more than i already do.

I had one growing up her name was Mary Jane and she was quite hungry .

Mary Jane & Kids

Mary Jane & Tiny me.

Isnt it funny how the photos were square in the 70’s.

Anyway the last story made me feel like i had just been given a gift after the first three and now Ive lost my point.

Oh yeah. So tell me how did you figure out what your battle was? Or have you yet?

Ive yet to leave my mark but i am working on it.